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can albinos or gingers ever be /fa/? It doesn't seem like they could pull off many outifts, due to their conflicting hair colors.
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if youre good looking you can pull of nearly everything
Green and Purple works on them.
everyone can be effay, everyone is special, all shapes and sizes

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w2c these glasses
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the faggot store
Plz dont.
>charlie bronson

I said on my arse not in my arse you fucking faggot!!

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Video call snapshot 649.png
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Hey Guys Like My Outfit
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where to cop that jacket
can i get those at my closest hm???

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bretty good
That wrestler girl is annoying af but you have nice goals.

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Anyone know what this type of camo is called and w2c?
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cant remember name, but these were made like 100 or 200 pcs

Urban T
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thank you sir

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>tfw my gf got me this for christmas
Feels really really good
you got any /fa/-related gifts?
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From my mother
>opening presents before christmas day
you philistine
oh, i forgot.
here in germany you get presents on 24.

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>be in relationship for 8 years
>in beginning, gf was thin, tweeish, and maintained herself well
>now gf is bit chubby, no longer really tries
>christmas eve family party rolls around, everyone expected to dress well
>"anon, what do you think of my outfit?"
>outfit consists of mumuesque blouse over baggy polyester business suit bottoms and Payless flats
>"honestly, it looks like something my lesbian grandmother would wear"
>gf silent, goes into bathroom and starts crying

Why the fuck would you ask for honest advice about clothing when you a) know you look like shit and b) only want a bullshit answer?
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this tbqh senpai
Yeah that's pretty autistic. You were being a dick. Who gives a fuck what she's wearing just say it looks good and move on.

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What are these dresses called that are skin tight and barely cover your vagina?
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Bodycon describes the fit.
Micro mini/mini to describe the length.
Potentially bandage to describe how it looks made of strips of material overlaid - but that one might just be folded weirdly because she's pulled it up. Can't tell on mobile.

So it's a body con mini dress for definite. If it's of material like this it'd also be a bandage bodycon mini dress, but I can't tell properly if it is or not.
Tank tops.

Whats your honest opinion on jordans /fa/?

And by honest i would also like something more than

>lmao nigger shoes

I find it amazing how this board can deny them in every sneaker thread when they are pretty much the most popular sneakers in the world.
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100% dependent on the colorway
this year i only got space jams, didnt care about the other releases
Ok here is the real response, i have never seen a jordan outfit that don't look like shit, they messy the pants. Jordan don't have the same effect as Vans (for example) that look good in pants because they don't altere the pants.

Also only good jordans are 1 and 11 OVO
*wearing some massive fucking Jordans look like clown shoes and go halfway up my legs*

These are culturally significant you pleb

What's the warmest short jacket that will show off my ass?
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But it covers the ass too much
North Face mcmurdo bomber or similar shaped Woolrich/Canada goose offerings.

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How do I achieve bladee core?
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Frosted tips. Pretty much a Guy Fieri, but the gel is holding the hair down instead of up.
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whom goes.jpg
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how do i love react on 4can
Take pic to barber

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trench coat.jpg
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The thread is blowing up, but no one can seem to identify the coat Mr. Trump is wearing!

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It's just a black coat with big ass shoulder pads. Probably some off the rack stuff that was lightly altered.

Kys my guy.
this is not a nice coat

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Effay ginger thread
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I find this so attractive

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This is my hair.

I'm thinking of cutting it next year and do Cole Sprouse's haircut.

I have curly hair though, it's straight at short/medium lengths but I don't really take care of it so it looks frizzy as hell when dry.

How can I fix this, and what do I ask my barber to do so I can have a similar hairstyle?
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This is (similar) to what I want to go for.

How can I manage that?
You can be twice as /fa/ if you don't cut it but still style it the same way

Hmmm, I can go for that look, actually, but how do I take care of my hair?

What products should I use to keep it more straight, or for it to fall down?

My hair has a lot of frizz, the pic I posted it was semi-wet so it looked ok.

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Someone knows the name of the sweaters or shirts they are using?
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its called going to school in japan dumbass
You couldn't mean mug like that so don't bother
mao suits

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