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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Lets try this one more time. Rate my gf.
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She's a little shy at times.
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What about boobs?

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Global warming is a fraud, and left wing enablers are little more than short sighted parasites. You act like we can save the world by buying an electric car, when the truth is that the worlds population is disgusting, with millions more being born into third world cesspools every year.
Why is no one stopping this, why doesnt anyone tie aid to reduced population.
Im not some greenie hippie, I'm a right wing conservative who can't understand how liberals can allow unconstrained population growth while paying lip service to supporting the environment.
Tl;dr when the global population reaches 14 billion it wont matter if you voted for hillary, or that your car is made of solar panels, or that you eat only gluten free vegetable.
Honestly not trying to be edgy or some shit, and im not advocating some genocide, but i honestly think we need some krogan style genophage
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Hey there buddy. It looks like you just made a bunch of suppositions without offering any evidence of your claims.

"semper necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit"

In the mean time, try not to cut yourself on all that edge.

My supposition? Man-made climate change is real and is proven by a substantial body of evidence, such as that found here: https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/.
Wtf is wrong with your brain, i never said global warming wasnt happening, i said the movement was fraudulent because it implies we can stop it by 'becoming more green'. The reality is that there are too many humans and it has become unsustainable

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Everyone who reads this post will be blessed with positive energy for the next 24 hours
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Thanks froggy, nice trips btw
thank you for the positive energy

praise kek

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I just finished watching the Anime Death Note. I have a question, and I figured you weeaboo dicksuckers were the best people to ask.

So the antihero Light is called "Kira" because thats the Engrish way of saying Killer or Killa'.

But the name of the name of the slope Sherlock Holmes is L. But it's a letter nobody in japan can pronounce.

So why isn't the name of the VD Infected Gook Sherlock Homes just "R" instead?
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Because it stands for Lawliet you goober
Because you are ignorant.

There is no real R in Japanese, Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Rya, Ryu, Ryo may look to start with an R, but they are pronounced between an R and an L.

As for why L's are substituted for an R, is simple, the Japanese language does not have any syllables that contain L, it was never in their language ever.

You think because English is your main language that somehow Ls, Xs and Qs will be in every other language. But it isn't.

When English was being developed from another language, The Japanese were developing their own alongside Chinese.

There is a reason why he is called L in the anime/manga because he is partly English and Italian and his name is L Lawliet.

However he died, and Kira took over from him as L.
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>OP is a fag
Why it's explained in the anime too, you cockgoobler.
Next time try to follow the plot

sauce pl0x. will dump until someone can post the full video
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>gif from tumblr
Checks out

g'morning anon.
i hope you slept well.
tell me why you will not KILL YOURSELF today.
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because i got some puss :)
that's great man.
what did you do when you got it ?
Because ever since I started on Fluoxetine I've killing life.

Fuck my parrents. They never told me why I was in specail ed. Everyone just said I was a bad speller and shit reader. But appearntly I am dyslexic. I just found out by going through my parents files because I was board. Looks like I was claimed dyslexic at age 7 but my parents withhelf the imformation from me for 20 years! I lookup why teachers didnt tell me and it is because parents are allowed to have them not tell me or some shit?

I've been in remedial classes all my life. Tried college, dropped out. Classes too hard...

How do I get back at my parents?
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be a dissapointment aka neet, let them take care of you for the rest of their miserables lives
no can do dude my parents kicked me out a like a 3 months ago, 1 week before planning on moving in with friend
What is this hairy meme from?

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Thread about cocaine. Thoughts, experiences?
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Expensive. Hard to find. Never know what it's cut with. Hell of a drug though!!!!
Boring drug, only serves as social status indicator for retards who think blowing money on a sub-par high is cool
Only interesting way to do it is freebase it and even then, it's only good if the stuff is exceptionally good and pure
Overall underwhelming compared to the hype, it just keeps you awake and helps mitigate the effects of alcohol
Too expensive, feels addictive even if it's boring as fuck
1/10 would not do again
expensive (100gbp : 1 G) and its one hell of a drug

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Why the hel people in 4chan are always call Indians 'Designnated streets' and 'Poo in Loo'. It is bad and. I am offended. I stopped come in 4chan because of this. I don't shit on streets. I has a toilet. Don't call me that and fuck of.
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teri maadi kuti
You need to embrace the street fellow indian

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my kitten just pooped orange stool. it's been weak all day. it pooped yellow earlier. what do I do /b/?
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Take it to the vet
Taste the rainbow!
Take it to the vet please, anon.
Have you been feeding it formula?

Fb/Ig tread
Bonus for cameltoe
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Well just in case Suiseiseki#2410 (on PC that is)

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Sad stories thread? Imma write my own in a few minutes, but start your own, anons
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OP here
Here it goes

>be me, 18 years old brazilian dude
>have girlfriend who is the greatest person i have ever met
>she is not THAT hot... but i couldn't care less
>we are together for almost a year
>we did a lot of stuff together
>watching movies, studying, playing videogames and singing crappy songs (she liked the crappy songs, i just sang with her for fun)
>we sleep together often, too (and only have sex a few of these times)
>her family is just a bunch of abusive cunts
>she can't talk back because they are abusive cunts and she is afraid of them sometimes
>almost 1 year of relationship.
>literally 11 months together
>she calls me one night and tells me we have to talk a lot
>meet next day, and she tells me she is going away to the other side of the damn globe (Thailand, to be precise)
>doesn't want to go, but parents are assholes
>be poor fag. Can't visit her there
>we talk for hours about the relationship and how we'll miss eachother
>she cries a big part of the time and i hug her telling everything will be fine
>it won't... I feel like shit
>ffw a couple of weeks
>the day has come
>she is going to Thailand
>i hug her at the airport
>suddenly all my relationship with her is burning in my chest
>i remember everything we did
>eyes watering up, mouth trembling and sweating hands as i hold her hair for the last time
>she tells me she loves me and won't forget me
>i reciprocrate the feeling
>"oh, anon, please don't text me so much, i feel like i'll cry everytime"
>i said ok, but i'll never forget
>she takes off

>4 hours later at parent's place
>turn TV on
>plane crash
>all of the bad thoughts come to my mind
>"oh, no... it cannot be"
>see flight number, departure and destination
>it was her plane
>"there are no survivors" says the lady in the news
>my heart breaks in a thousand pieces
>best girl in the world
>now dead...

This was a few years back and to this day feel like shit

Brazilians shouldn't feel this much

I contemplate suicide

Why do Americans pledge the flag? It's retarded.

You're not to think you are anything special.
You're not to think you are as good as we are.
You're not to think you are smarter than we are.
You're not to imagine yourself better than we are.
You're not to think you know more than we do.
You're not to think you are more important than we are.
You're not to think you are good at anything.
You're not to laugh at us.
You're not to think anyone cares about you.
You're not to think you can teach us anything.
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The only good Jew is a dead Jew.
Go make yourself good.
>worshipping idols

god warned us of this
> he doesn't love or believe in his country
Pathetic. You're like that one kid yelling on the playground because they don't play his way.

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Nice tits but disgusting nipples
Mama Mia give the sauceoria
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Every kik/snapchat thread is the same. Shitload of guys add girls, so we get no wins. So send usernames of girls u want me to get nudes from on kik @BoboSmrade69
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How about you share your wins first.. oh wait you only got catfished as usual
I will post u wins. But lately there weren't many.. That's why I started this lol

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