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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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Alright fuckers, creep shot thread starts now
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how about no

what you're doing is illegal
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I got him from the Humane Society. They said he's a "boxer mix". I call bs. what breed do you think he is?
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looks like a boxer/corgi to me
Beef with broccoli special
he weighs 70 pounds

Was he murdered?
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Nope. He was suicided
Nope. He was dieded

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Why do people keep spamming ylyl threads with gay anime shit?
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because youre a newfag
It's a bot. Just make a thread without ylyl in the post
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how would it feel if you are a girl and somebody told you that your nude was posted and seen by thousands of random ppl?
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I would masturbbate
i would really care as my life's goal had been attatined
Feel thrilled thinking that there's a bunch of weeaboos and weirdos fapping to my nudes

>be me, almost got in fight on bus today
>2 dudes holding hands
>someone was like shielding their child who was looking
>so the guys stopped
>I said "No, fuck that. Don't do that. Hold his hand!"
>she says "I don't want my child seeing that!"
>I stand up and say "What? Love? Oh, how horrible. What a terrible thing for your child to see."
>And I said to the kid "These two men love each other and that's ok, no matter what anyone tells you"
>The bus cheered
>As I'm gettting off at my stop one of the guys came to me and was tearing up
>He says thanks
>I say "Don't thank me. Seriously. This nonsense of thanking people for being decend humans needs to stop. You're welcome, though"

Seriously, what's up with all these homophobic people? Literally grow the fuck up!
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not sure if a true story, but if so, am happy to hear it
Cool story faggot enabler, say it again.

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The marines have flamethrowers and fuel to last 900 octillion years, after that its handguns and boots.
The fight takes place on an infinite flat field, obviously not in this universe so no black holes and shit. The marines start in 1 group and the ants come from all directions (by foot) untill 1 team is 100% dead.
No death by hunger, dehydration, old age or disease but the marines still need sleep. No reproduction either.

Which team would win and why?
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win what ?
a battle to the death, did you not read?
theres no reward

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Time for a self improvement thread.

What are you doing to better yourself and your life?

>reading more
>learning to knit by my grandma
>started to go /out/
>finally understood you don't need to like/be liked by everyone
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please don't ask me that
I'm in Tel Aviv on a internship and just got home
, anyone been there?
any advice what to do , where to go tonight / right now...it's too late for the beach
Stretches every morning, breakfast every day, brush my teeth twice, morning and evening, and slowly parting myself from my mortal form. For its only temporary and in time too will pass.

Deutschfaden - Anons & Replies mit Nivea

>Am 24. September AfD wählen mit Erst- und Zweitstimme!
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Nivea reportiert ein!
Lasst den armen Mann frei. Kein Mensch ist illegal, Abtreibungen rocken, Nazis vergasen.

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Roll for your girl, dubs gets nudes
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please 5
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I place my card face down and end my turn.
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I reveal it.
Literally oh shit.
Hole crap

This one time I was fucking my cat and I accidentally pink-socked it and I had to push it's intestines back in, I never made love to them after that and it died 6 months later, i feel really guilty.
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cat eating a nanner ... 0.o
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rip kitty

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What should the age of consent be in America, /b/?
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Hard to say. In another time 15 year olds were fully capable of starting families and running households. In 2017 most 15 year olds are mental midgets because they are still treated like children.
16. Peak of sexual urge.
21 obviously.

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Start rolling faggots
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oh no

Fun for the whole family.
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Add bubbanutts10
See this post?
add rockfordredhead

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