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Goth/Punk QT threadd
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So I have problem with chicks I meet over the app w/e, I talk with 4-5 of them and three of them are 17 and still in high school.
Should I gamble as a 20 yr old annon by prolly having sexual relation w them or at least over just texts.
I live in eastern europe
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What app
first tinder then I get their whatsapp number, they always admit their age when we meet on a date later on
Go for it.

I thought 17 was legal there.

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Any Arvo Part fans on /b/ ?
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Here's one.
Loved Tabula Rasa, he's one of my fav modern composers.
I have Da Pacem. wonderful.
>implying 90% of /b/ isn't 15 year-old edgelords and Eastern-European bots

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...when she lets you record her...and then gets more into it....then adds her own captions?

/b/ros is this a good thing or should I run before we get serious?
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gtfo before you catch her emoji
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So I searched google reluctantly to see if she posted them and to even MORE of a shock, lack of a better phrase:
https://curiouswhitegf.tumblrcom(her blog)
add the dot for .com
Can't wait to tell her what I found and ask who she's jerking in the background picture! lol wtf seriously

Pic related.
She's only into black guys according to her website. OP's getting cucked.

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Are you ready?
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is that Conor McGregor
i'm always redee, Pedro.
Ofc it is the fact you even had to ask that is sad.

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Sorry white /b/ros ;P
BBC only but feel free to jerk off to my nudes
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Why do you post this? What does this accomplish?

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Sup /b/, give me some advice here

>so i meet girl at house party, get her on facebook but leave before she does so don't get to take it further than that
>she hits me up a couple weeks later saying she checked out my band and that she would love to see us play, let her know we have show a couple days later and she agrees to come down
>she turns up at the show alone and hangs out with us after, later that night we go back to my place to drink some more and she ends up in my bed with me, fooling around and making out, try to push it further but she says that she likes me and wants to see more of me so we shouldn't
>she hits me up the next day to say she had a great time and that i should send her a list of bands she should check out (we were talking about it the night before), i send her the list and suddenly no response for 2 days
>today i send her a message asking if she wants to come to the cinema with me tonight to catch a flick and she has not responded

She has seen both messages. The most awkward part is that we both go to the same college, so i'm going to bump into her.

What the fuck do I do in this situation? I hate being ghosted. I'd literally prefer her to tell me she's not interested.

>pic unrelated
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bumping with bootay
Don't say anything until she replies girls don't like that clingy shit if she Dosnt get back to you then move on
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i've got a big one brewing up anon heh heh. I need an answer soon.
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that's a big log, I want to slide is down my throat
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Came home from work. Sore throat, nose not working properly.. I need a Log m8.
Oh fuuck what I would do for some cream dream
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You need to kill yourself.

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Dubs decides my steam profile name and picture
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Cowlick Fartwiggle
I cut my dick off
The meme is dead

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canada sluts thread
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Voyeur / shower / hidden bread
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Can anyone reccomend me any (Step) Daughter/Dad porn, where there's dialogue about him watching her grow up or something?

Majority of incest porn these days is step parents who are recent additions to the family to lower the ick factor for normies, and I want some good old fashioned fucked up shit.
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I'm only really into bro/sis. Sorry.
Good bro/sis is also nice.
it is getting harder to find, im reversed from you though, more into the son/mom

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whats the diffrence between a 4chan user and a normie? pl0x explain
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they don't get memes
Real 4chan users avoid /b/
what are memes?

Video source? Pornstar name?

(/r/ is dead)
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bumping for interest
I'm also interested
FamTherapy Sisters Distraction Alex Blake

Rate her for more pics
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shes hot.
like a solid 7
7/10. Will likely go up with more angles.

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