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Deutschfaden - Anons & Replies mit Nivea

>Am 24. September AfD wählen mit Erst- und Zweitstimme!
>>Was soll denn der scheiß jetzt, warum wurde mein alter Deutschfaden jetzt einfach so gelöscht? Der hatte gerade mal 200 Replies und der letzte Replie war gerade mal ein paar Sekunden her... ?!?
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you guys used to have such threads all the time, i see them less and less, why? too busy fighting muslims and protecting your girls? you know, the dozen ones that deserve to be protected

enjoy a better logo
Ja, AFD wähle ich auch.

Ich nenn es Ohrfeigenwahl, auf legale weise den alteingesessen Politikern eine verpassen.

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>go outside
>mind your own business
>someone doesn't like your outfit
>punches you
>bystanders applaud

Why the fuck is this allowed?
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Because if it wasn't for people punching nazi's we'd be living in a facist world
>wear a literal nazi armband to piss off libs and dindus
>they get pissed
>wooooooow how was I supposed to know people would react poorly

If you attention whore, don't bitch when you get attention
you must not understand what flags mean do you

New celeb Fap Thread
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superior half chink
She changed her name and complained of hollywood racism. Shes a fucking idiot and Munnfu is superior.

Trap/cd/sissy thread
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Ooo yummy hehe
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Nude Game
You know the rules
Dubs get clothed

start with 5
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dubs get
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didn't say what you want
ask for something and if you roll 5 you get it. not that hard

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Put my penis into that hole
gonna need more
Sharpie in urethra

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R8/wwyd thread
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I want to go to her home town and rent an old apartment on the bad side of town where people don't notice you. I want to buy an old van for cash from a man in the country and drive it between her school house and her home. I want to park the rusty white van there, on a sunny street in the shade of a tree where no one notices. I want to drive there every day at about noon and stay until 6:00 just to count the times she passes and who she's with. I want to observe the times she walks home alone and where she keeps her cell phone.

I want to call my friend to drive the van on a special day. That day when she's walking home from school I want to hide behind a wall where she can't see me with a rag of ether in my hand and handcuffs in my pocket. Then quietly spring out behind her and slap the rag over her mouth and nose. I want to feel her body stiffen in shock and begin to struggle just before she passes out. I want to smell the subtle sweetness of her perfume. Then I want to slap the cuffs on her arms and push her into the van. I want to tie her firmly there, her legs together, her arms still behind her, and a rag in her mouth.

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hey /b/ just decided to stop by and say have a wonderful day!
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you too my friend =D
i hope you all burn in hell
whats a hell?

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Blowjob Bread
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lets get this goin.

whoever circles the least wins
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