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So even though Lovecraft was a hack do you think he would be embarrassed by this?
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>lovecraft was a hack
nice meme
I don't understand what you mean by this?

which one has more fans?
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Asuka because she is the meme fanservice girl made to pander to otaku waifufags. Literally the Mari of the original series.
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Asuka has the only fan that matters

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This is your country's new queen.
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You are not my king yet, elf. And I wouldn't obey you even if you were.
I don't want a commie queen.
>Emilia wants a world where no one is discriminated against
>racists will construe this as being bad

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Rank Your Favorite Walkure Members.

>vote in all 5 polls

1st - www.strawpoll.me/10930796
2nd - http://www.strawpoll.me/10930809
3rd - www.strawpoll.me/10930821
4th - http://www.strawpoll.me/10930826
5th - www.strawpoll.me/10930838
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Sure we can.

I was supporting Runefags before the NUNS corruption shit came out. It's even harder to refute now though.

How can such a large organisation claim control over a sector it cannot even devote resources to protecting. I mean hell there's a Var threat that was appearing at any time and causing heaps of destruction and public disturbance.
They're either unwilling or incapable of protecting the sector.

Runefags on the other hand were born here and inherited the greatest gifts of the protoculture. There's no argument as to why they shouldn't have their independence and next to none as to how worthy they are to rule the sector.
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>country so small can be annihilated by drones armed with WMDs
Its like they were literally taught by Belka how to RECLAIM RIGHTFUL CLAY. They are so plotarmored they can conquer galaxy with 6 planes.

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>grab the paint bucket tool
>fill in the shapes
>try to make something /a/ related
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>the labyrinth from OPM
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I have no idea what this is.

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What is the appeal of Raita?
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See >>145294244
Spooky sexy skeletons.

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Why is Namipudding giving her soul away here?
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1st for carrot jobbing like a bitch
>people thought she was strong
Because Oda likes sameface
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>Jimbei ends up getting killed for real, triggering Luffy's hatred towards Big Mom and unlocking his Ascended rubber form.
>Oda way lying all along and it's actually Carrot who is the next Nakama

How would you feel?

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Crusch and Ferris.jpg
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Episode 19 is titled "White Whale Conquest Battle"

Preview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKkrncJUm3U

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Felix is the best boy, Crusch is the best girl.
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1st for unrequited love!

Despair sisters when?
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I want to impregnate Seiko !
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daily reminder that nagito did LITERALLY NOTHING WRONG
Seiko is cute

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Dumping Saitama vs Garou+aftermath. Best fight in OPM coming through
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You must be 18 to post here
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File: m1278.jpg (105KB, 600x849px)Image search: [Google]
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>/a/ loves Chika now

What went right?
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>create 2 great girls
>hardly feature them
Oh baby.
>we like chika now
??? since when?

Let's let's dance
With that märchen style!
Always looking kashikoma sharp!
Let's let's dance
No time for tension relax~
Gotta have lot's of puri~
Let's let's dance
Never feeling pshuu
When we're all together
Be just like the idles
and you can join in and ai ai ai /ai/ idle activities
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We still have a bunch of open squares for Coloring Project 5. If you want to color with us or color a second square, let me know! The previous completed coloring projects can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/aDhUk

Zip file with each individual squares: https://mega.nz/#!OsAViR6S!iQ26ozjWraXzkwmoFE8Oe4LRR9rz8j6KoPdeSfXx_YM
This is just Eternal Aikatsu General with a splash of other stuff, isn't it?
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We want you! We love you! We need you! To sing too!

It's /ai/ sings Episode Solo. You've got two weeks left until the new deadline on the 21st. Have fun and take part with us.


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Do you have what it takes to satisfy a Yamato class battleship?

Battleship thread.
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While I am perfectly fine with sexualizing destroyers and such to feed our natural pedophiliac tendencies, I strongly believe the best designs and most attractive boats were reserved solely to the pride of the Navy battleships.
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I'd rather have an Iowa

>mfw time for circus
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How many people are still watching this show anyway?
18 episodes already? Is it even loyal to the games?

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