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This is your future symbol of terror. Say something nice about him.
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Who would win? USJ Noumu or Toga?
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kuso nerdo.jpg
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What was Hori thinking when he drew this?
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he's beauty he's grace.png
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He really could use some skincare products

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My wife Chino is so cute.
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>Prisma Ilya
>Sakura's Movie
>Last Encore

How do we make her relevant again, lads?
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>Has a gorillion clones (Saber Alter, Saber Lily, Mordred, Titty Saber, Titty Saber Alter, Bikini Saber, MHX, MHX Alter, Bikini Saber Alter)
>Jeanne has her face I guess
>Was a somewhat important villain in the first part but otherwise irrelevant
>Saber Alter, is Shirou's last string connecting him to his old ideals that he cuts
>Minor side-story, so basically nothing
>Nero has her face I guess

2 out of 6 isn't that bad
Make her the heroine of the Tsukihime remake.
Nasu said he's done with her and Emiya's story.

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When will this meme end? They are always worse than the original. Secondaries will disagree.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Reminder that Jeanne d'Arc, the Slut of Orleans, has partaken in handholding, walks in the moonlight, elopement, lewd smiling, meal sharing, promise making and cheek rubbing with Sieg.
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I'd do that too!
Reminder that this Apocrypha goes to shit immediately after Siegfried gives his heart to Sieg. It's going to be a long 7 more weeks.
I was told there was still the thing with Vlad to look forward to.

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Alright, so i decided to try dumping the released volumes of this one manga since its a pretty good mix of great art and mystery, traps and what not. Ill try to keep the thread alive as best as i can, if it works, ill end up dumping the entire thing.

Synopsis: In the distant future, a new immortal and genderless life form called Gems populate the Earth. The 28 Gems must fight against the Moon Dwellers, who attack them regularly to abduct them and to turn them into decorations. Each Gem is assigned a role, such as a fighter or a medic.

Being only 300 years old, Phosphophyllite is the youngest of the Gems and has no assignment yet. He wants to help to fight the Moon Dwellers, but is too weak and brittle for battle. One day the master of Gems, Adamantine, assigns him the task of creating a natural history encyclopedia.


Starting with Volume 1, the first half of what i call the Ocean Arc.
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cover first
File: img000003.jpg (603KB, 2116x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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nude cover then, which is not present in the western kodansha release
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He really fucked up this time, didn't he? There's no way he's greeting out of this one.
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But I guess there's no real difference between being her friend or boyfriend, as long as he's the only one that talks to her.
It's either this or letting their relationship die. There's no going straight into a relationship, not at the point they're at, so his best hope is to get closer and closer until they're basically already going out.
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Well, she's cute anyways, and that's what matters.

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Chapter 3 is out.


Does anybody actually like this series?
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I do, but only a little. The development feels very slow.

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who has the best kyaaaa~ in anime? pic related
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It's maki.

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So any thoughts on why Yukana's said a few times that she's so guarded?

My first guess is that she's actually a virgin herself too like Junichi and that this is actually her first significant relationship. That seems like one of the simplest explanations, and it seems like it'd play into a theme of not judging a book by its cover, and that not all gyaru stereotypes are true.

My other guess, which might be less plausible but more interesting to see if handled well, is that Junichi isn't her first relationship and maybe she isn't even a virgin anymore. Maybe she's done some enko, maybe she's had a string of "boyfriends" before. But what if she's tired of doing that? Like she's tired of guys and playboys only wanting her for her body and not respecting her and committing more to her.

Maybe that's why she likes Junichi so much because even if he's just as perverted as the average guy, at least he seems earnest about their relationship and wouldn't just callously throw their relationship away.

This could produce some interesting drama later on where Yukana would admit to that part of her past and finally explain to Junichi why she'd stuck with him all that time. And she may even pose the question to him if he's willing to make love to her in spite of her past and if he's going to treat her the same way past men have. Like a Single Woman seeks Good Man trope.
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As far as I read the manga, he literally only wanted her for her body, though
It's looking more like Yukana already liked him for some reason and she's eventually going to find out that he only wanted to go out with her to lose his virginity.

Considering her "adult kiss" it's more than obvious that she's a virgin.

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Let's discuss about best boy

His fight with Hawawa was GOAT
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There it´s a question i don´t get a correct answer i still confused
it´s here
boruto it´s better than naruto?
File: 1501530164169[1].png (4MB, 3840x2153px)Image search: [Google]
4MB, 3840x2153px
First for Hinata never used gentle fist on Boruto.

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The angriest girl in the world
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You'd be angry if you had be around Dekomori for long periods of time too.
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happy dog.gif
2MB, 195x150px

You'd be pretty pissed too if you were involuntarily raped by a dog

Jabami Yumeko has nice legs.
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>tfw all fan art for this show looks worse than the actual anime
Damegane is a spectacular artist.
>this might be true for the doujin

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Why is she so perfect?
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How so? She's plenty flawed.
Megameme a shit.
I love the whole package.

What the FUCK was this girl's problem?
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he just couldnt keep it in his pants
Why couldn't he just get a prostitute(male)?

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