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Drink every time someone says "Eh?"
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Do you want to kill all of the fucking leafs?
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Why is that girl drinking blood? Is this a vampire show?
Do you not? The day of the rake cant come soon enough.

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wat's /a/ thinks about narutaru?
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An edgy mess.
I liked the first half or more of the manga, but it got sort of out-of-hand at some point. Not a terrible series, but not great. The anime's pretty bad.

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Did you feel bad for vamps?
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I felt envious that someone thought about her so much...
This was so fucking sad
I hope she somehow gets change like Silky loose her old fairy race's trait of passive 'killing love aura', and finds a warm family and home.

ITT: O pitiful shadow lost in the darkness, O evil spirit born of those drifting between Heaven and Earth. May the thunderous power from the garments of these holy delicate maidens strike down upon you with great vengeance and furious anger, shattering your loathsome impurity and returning you from whence you came! REPENT, MOTHERFUCKER!
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>tfw season 2 never
Feels bad man :(

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why is astolfo so sexual?
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Should I watch Apocrypha?
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Best girlfriend

Who is this sexy motherfucker ?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Isn't the hiatus ending today?
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No. Fumita said "early August", which, going by last time, means next chapter is on 31st August.

who cares anyway, the series has become so forgettable
See you next thread

Anyone waiting for Tri episode 5?
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Me. Specially for Taichi's final fate. Did he do a suicidal attempt at saving everyone as a way to atone himself out of guilt?? Or did he betray the chosen children?? Or maybe Taichi was the responsible of the disappearance of the 02 chosen children??
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Man the hype for this died FUCKING HARDDD

Did something happen? I only watched episode one but totally lost interest.
No. Alphamon Defeated the 02 Children in Episode 1

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Can somebody please explain, I don't watch the show, what did she mean?
Why did she whisper it
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It's intercourse, you fucking spaz. Now, fuck off.

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Post your lesbian daughteru.
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What if she isn't lesbian?
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/a/ agrees on this fact right?
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Yes, except when they are man-hating dykes like Noire.
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>man-hating dykes
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yeah, pretty much

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Just read and caught up to the latest chapter of Helck. Went to look for threads here but only found some archives. Did everyone lost interest or what?
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Interest has been lost for a while, though I don't believe the manga is any less good than it used to be just because it's diving into the story it was built on, for all the tragedy it entails.

Last chapter was the one where Helck asks Vamirio to fulfill her promise, wasn't it?What will she do? What will she do?
Its more of a case of "not much to talk about anymore", like on Magi.

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Watch an anime for it's doujinshis
so which one have you watched or that reason /a/?
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Fucking Precure.
learn english

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I am crying /a/.
Is there a more realistic movie on relationship than 5cms Per Second?
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Fateful Findings.
What is that anon?
>no magic
>no miracles
>just undelivered love and the cruel passage of time
Truly a masterpiece. I personally think this is Shinkai's greatest work. Kimi no na wa was ok but it had too much fantasy a.k.a. aimed at younger audiences.

>edgy shit
>also has underage lewdness

why is this allowed?
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Why do you keep making this thread?
Have you even read the manga?
The edginess hasn't even begun.
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Seven Seas licensed this for US release.

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