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Hey. Dumping part of a 3-volume series, by Fujiwara (Love Sync Dream, Record, etc).
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Leave it to me!
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I like Super and hope it doesn't end soon. Would love to get into the Manga but it being on a monthly timer wouldn't help keep my interest.
yeah, just wait until its finished then marathon it
Only one person on that team is important.

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Okay guys, let's have a serious talk.

I have been watching anime since i was a kid, i am currently 27 years old and have grown up with a lot of anime series, music and such but now at my current age i simply don't know what the fuck is happening? at first i liked because it was action driven fun, cute among other things but i have seen it grown and right now after many listening to many opinions from different people i realise no one knows what the fuck is going on.

Some say it is because it's cute (moe) and is pretty erotic to some extend, others say it is because it is because it is stylized and action driven, others say it's because it has a rebel tone to it and some others say it's because all of them, so, in short no one knows what the fuck is going on and the Japanese know how to produce it, but don't know why everyone in the world likes it even if it only catters to the Japanese market.
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For me, lately it has become a masturbation fuel, the art is pretty nice, the voice acting is lewd and the hentai manga is just too dirty, lame and awesome at the same time that makes my dick go rock hard everytime but of course it wasn't like this before so maybe is just the my age and hormones and other things.

The Japanese have hit a gold mine by doing research and putting it into animated products and illustrations but even them don't even know why the fuck it is so popular right now, "it just sells" would be the short answer but why the fuck it sells and why is it so addictive? even the comic fags are copying some anime style drawings and mixing them with theirs because it is better that way but i don't get why.

So, to finish this wall of text i would like to say again, the Japanese have hit a gold mine and no one knows what the fuck is happening, if you have some kind of answer to this please post it here because i spent many years looking for something concrete but i accepted defeat today, yes i lost, i don't know why the fuck i got charmed so much with anime and manga but i like it and i don't see it changing in the next 100 years until im dead, more so with the coming technology of virtual reality and various others things.

I had to make two posts because it was too long, sorry.
I'm not reading all that.
it caters to the guys without a girlfriend market which is pretty big right now

Rin is not a threat.
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My view of the manga is more that the two pic related are purely platonic.
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Everyone is gay.
Yes, but not "everyone is gay for everyone." Aoba is gay for Hifumi or Nene IMO.

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i KNEW it
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Who is the superior slut?
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You should have chosen higher quality images. The middle is quite blurry.

Right is the sluttiest since she is aiming for her highschool teacher and has already gone on dates with him.

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Are you ready for Index 3 and Kemono Friends 2 to absolutely blow the fuck out every 2018 anime?
>Kemono Friends 2
I mean in terms of sales in Japan. Those two series will steamroll everything else

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How do manga only One Piece readers enjoy this series without the music, colors and animation during fight scenes? All the emotional part of the series doesn't feel right when you only read it for me desu. The music is one of the most important factors and I'm at that point in the anime (fishman island) where the quality really is going to shit
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Sounds like mango isn't for you
I have never read the manga, I only watch the anime.

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is salad chum?
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Cum in Salad
Please don't
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Well, is he right /a/?
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is there a better villain than madara uchiha
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which madara are you talking about op
oh no...
He were a hero, ninja world was a villain.

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Name a character who can defeat this man.
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A man. Women auto-lose.
The most gross and carnivorous slut. Pure girls should avoid that man.
A really fat sadist who can suffocate him under giant ass.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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does anybody not like it at this point?


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>Literally looks the same
It's nothing
>lelouch died
It's just clips from the show you moron, there's no new footage.

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