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all things comfy
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Fuck off.

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say something nice about my wife
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dude female(male) lol get it???
Haha fucking hilarious, especially after I posted it for the hundredth time!!
He has very nice legs
I masturbate to the thought of pumping semen in his anus. That's kinda nice, right?


>Sony Pictures Television Networks is increasing its footprint in the anime space, with a deal to pay $143 million for 95% of Japanese anime distributor Funimation Productions. Its catalog includes such popular titles as Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan.
Where were you when Sony saved anime?
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Based sony, can't wait to boy the Emoji movie/Dragon Ball Z bundle
You're aware that Sony is already the largest funder of anime, right? And has been for a long time? And that Aniplex is literally a division of Sony Music? This is just a separate branch of Sony, that's the only difference.
Sony Music is decent, Sony Pictures is garbage.

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Which is better.png
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marry one and kill one
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Marry Taiga, tell the other that her show was stupid and that Love Lab was a much better Doga Kobo show.
force them to marry each other and then kill myself.
Fuck your rule. I'll marry both.

Every coupe of years I migrate back to /a/ to ask the age old question...

Rei or Asuka?
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>when given the choice between two semigods, /a/ opts for a 3dpd

I am deeply disappointed
rei is a braindead creature and asuka is a toxic horrible person to everyone around her including herself

there are no best girls of evangelion, there is no best anything about evangelion, it's just depressing right up to the horrible ending

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I didn't know Haruka got a fat ass
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Step aside.

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Can girls (male) love boys?
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What if she was a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to be a girl?

It's happened before.
Isn't that Inside Mari?
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That looks like fucking Onodera.

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Challenge: twist ending
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Op is a faggot

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This is Arcueid
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This is vampire Saber
>If Arcueid Brunestud was a real character with depth to the point we actually cared about her, then wouldn't it have been okay for her not to wear her signature costume, right? Saber wore different outfits. But you say "No, you can't have a Tsukihime novel without her wearing the long skirt, and the hair intakes, and the slippers". Nasu, Takeuchi, Koyama, and everyone involved in the project would instant dismiss that idea. That's precisely because the character is just the skirt.
vampire and a chick

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– The background music is composed by Evan Call. How were your conversations with him?
>I heard a fun critique from sound director Yota Tsuruoka-san, who approached me and said “Evan’s music is mischievous, you know.” (laughs) Working side by side has been enjoyable. He joined the project by the time of the second novel commercial. I was introduced to him via the music producer, and then he composed an image theme to test our unison with. This title communicates more with imagery rather than it does with concrete phrases, but the music that he freely composed perfectly matched the feel of this series.

– What portions embody that the most?
>It’s exceedingly difficult to say. He incorporated sounds like the clicking of a typewriter or the sound a brush makes when it touches paper into the music majestically, as if to say he’d never needed to compose a trial piece to begin with. And not only it fit, it was so pleasant to listen to. I sensed the artistic energy and personal sense he has. That’s something I noticed again during the episode 1 recording. We would be dealing with something orthodox, and then there would come a piece with ethic music mixed in, like a Celtic theme for example. While we were recording, there was this weirdly nice feeling of uneasiness, as if things were just a slightly off-kilter. I think that suited the world of Violet perfectly.
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What other stuff did he compose for?
Symphogear G and Big Order
>Big Order
Oh fuck yeah, the music was the only good part of that trainwreck. Did the OST even get released? I want my jazz already

What's the verdict?
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all according to keikaku.png
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Verdict is in. OP is a faggot.
Great visuals, bland movie

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How come good things never happen?
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Because you dont put in the effort to make them happen
Some of the stories have a happy ending.
Because that's just how life works.

>draw a girl
>have it voiced by a girl
>its a boy

Will Japan ever get tired of this meme
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Honestly all boys should be voiced by girls
I hope not.
>Watch the dub just for shits and giggles
>boy is voices by a boy

WTF m8

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why is spanish dubbed anime so funny?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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pic related
>nerdo annoys saitama by whining about being hokage n shiet
>saitama dodges all of his attacks while yawning
>frustrated, nerdo makes 1 million shadow clones to attack
>saitama sidesteps at lightspeed to take all of them out instantly
>nerdo is hit with a punch from saitama which disintegrates his body
>nerdo regenerates with 9 tails power
>nerdo enters all of his modes but is beaten down easily
>nerdo goes insane, transforms into the nine tails
>saitama takes nine tails out with two normal punches
>ONE PUUUUUUUUUUNCH plays in the background as saitama walks to a konoha family restaurant to buy french fries
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Post one about Saitama and Deku
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>deku activates 100% oneforall and moves to punch saitama
>huge explosion
>it turns out deku rebounded off saitama's butt and got blown away into a building
>OP finds out he has autism
>Gets sad
>Goes to the grocery store
>Gets run over by a truck in the way back
>All is well

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