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Ozen is best mom
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Ozencest is the best
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This is the worst thread.
Is it just me or does the anime have a fucking amazing soundtrack?

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What a rip off.
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Would you?
also what will be Kiyoshi's fate?
Wet t-shirt contest never?
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What went wrong?
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chapter 1 rape was just a shock bait and now its just a dnd campaign
You went wrong, making threads constantly.

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What the FUCK is his problem?
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>Be 5
>dad gets me involved with aliens
>get the shit beat of me
>Be 10
>dad gets me involved with androids
>get the shit beat of me
>Be 16
>>dad gets me involved with celestial beings
>get the shit beat of me
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What did the protagonist of a kids show mean by this?

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Unusual images
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Oh my fucking god.
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>Koe no Katachi
Is their release even good?

its about accessibility, stop kidding yourself
Yeah, the color artifacts on the back look terrible. Why didn't you pick a decent release, considering visuals are this movie's only forte?

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Makes you think.

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ITT : Fun manga
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Raws out, just waiting on Niggerstream. Roma is an SSS.
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Former Etofag here, what are the top ten ways to suicide?
3rd cliffhanger that implied Touka's death next chapter. Is the hack going to do it this time?
I wish I could have been there during kaneki and touka's love making to lick up the excess cum off touka's vag

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I watched Fullmetal Alchemist (the oregano) a while ago, and I quite liked it. Especially the part with the Chimea.

Is the Fullmetal Brotherhood worth watching even though I've seen the original? Does it have a similar, dark but kinda hopeful tone?

Also please pretend my image is a picture of Winry so my image is on topic too.
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FMA:B is slightly different in tone. It follows the plot of the manga almost perfectly, and as a result is more focused on action in its second half than FMA was.
While the themes remain the same, FMA:B tackles them differently and is a different experience from the original. You should definitely watch it if you want to get the full FMA experience.
The original deviates from the manga. Watching Brotherhood after it is pretty much mandatory.
why does it deviate from the manga

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Would you fuck this?
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What is y'all opinion on "snitch" or snitchoo fetish? It's an attraction similar to furry, traps, Loli, etc but towards chibi mascot characters (Kirby, small Pokemon, Tamagotchi pets, etc) its recently been gaining popularity on Japanese Twitter with obscure artists.
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Anyone else read this manga?
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Me. Still waiting for new chapters.
Me two.
Hopefully with things like Golden Kamuy and Altair getting anime, this too will be adapted

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What is Jinbeis role next chapter?
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Endgame right here, brothers
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First for Sanji-chan!
Finally getting his coward-ass lifespan taken from him.

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