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Can we have a thread showcasing great backgrounds in anime, /a/?
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Akiha thread
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tohno Akiha 2.jpg
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The redesign looks good, but I am really not a fan of homukiha...

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What if Evangelion 3.0+1.0 was just SoL adventures with Shinji, Asuka and Rei traveling through Japan as they find themselves?
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Give Rei II back pls
That would make it the best of the series.
>traveling through Japan
>Asuka dragging an unresponsive Shinji through the red desert on and on while Rei trails behind
I like it

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>Chimera Ant Arc

I've never seen a shows plot come to such a grinding halt before. Holy shit
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Not sure what you mean by that.
Just because the arc is long doesn't mean the plot doesn't move within the arc itself.
Literally "tell, don't show" the anime.
Be thankful you weren't reading Hiatus x Hiatus during this arc.

>1 minute has passed in 10 chapters
>see you next year!

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Dear god in heaven please kill this faggot
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God I miss Juzo so much.
Do something right

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Post heroes of justice ,anon.
>Bonus points: No Typemoon characters.
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The MC of the last anime you watched gets three minutes of play time with Bonesaw. How do they fare?
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I think three minutes is a little short, but I'm sure they would still have a fun time playing together.
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Bonesaw would be dead in the first minute.
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Invisible punch ghosts

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Why doesn't this board like One Piece? I don't even watch that much anime, but I think that it's a great story regardless. I'm currently in the Dressrosa tournament arc.
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I watched it until the end of the restaurant arc, and it just feels like a less interesting version of dragon ball
>hi I'm new
>why dont you guys share my opinion
Check em
Because it's boring as fuck. I've read everything up until Sabo appeared and it still didn't change. Still boring as fuck.

Is she /a/'s girl?
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she can't even speak proper english
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Her pigeon English is cute.
she looks better without all the fucking make-up

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What are some objectivist animes?
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Boku no pico 100% serious here.

>ayn rand
you must be over fuckyouyears old to post here

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So are you ready for 1 hour of Sakuga today /a/?
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I really hope they don't blow it like Naruto vs Pain.
Is the show finally ending?
And going by the previous one it should look good

ITT:Try to draw a anime scene/character and others will try to guess it
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A hard one

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QUALITY CODE OST torrent is up.
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slowpoke pissed.jpg
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welcome to 12 hours ago.
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>full version of Canaria's song

Very yes.
Have a bump.

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Who is your favorite KyoAni girl and why?
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She is cute and great.
1. Kumiko
2. Midori (Tamako)
3. Mayaka
4. Yuki
5. Mirai
My wife, Mugi.

Reminder that Goku's first time seeing a vagina was a traumatic experience.
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Use the catalog retard >>147548397
>first time seeing a vagina was a traumatic experience

It generally is for everyone I guess. Women are beautiful creatures, but their primary sexual organs are not.

I really don't get why they make porn that focus so much on the vagina, I really think it is disgusting.
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>those porn videos where the chick spreads her vagina and the camera closes up for minutes
Just because I want to stick it in doesn't mean I want to go cave exploring.

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