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Alright enlighten me why does Re:Zero get so much shit
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Because it's popular with casuals
because it's popular
because its poplar

I didn't have the motivation to watch anime for the past couple months, but this one caught my eye for some reason.

Just finished the first episode, and holy shit.

This one is something special, isn't it.
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Not really there's a few anime like this every year
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>Just finished the first episode
Watch the rest. Now.
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step into the rainbow

>Everybody gets a half episode backstory, even Naruto
>Sasuke's getting an entire arc

How does it feel knowing that the Sasuke circlejerk is an eternal thing.
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Yeah, sorry...
I hate Sasuke so fucking much
The show is now adapting stuff from the light novels starting with Sasuke's story. The recent few backstory episodes are just anime-original filler.

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Is Kuro a slut?
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No, but she acts like one which is the sexiest thing about her. I want to fuck her so bad.
>chocolate loli that's actually cute

holy shit sauce
Nah, she only wants Shirou's dick

Put the onii-chans in the bag!
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>tfw no Oniichan
I have a step oniichan. Does that work?
I'm not going to get in the fucking bag, you slut. I don't even see a fucking bag. So what are you gonna do, shoot me?

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You guys are missing out on the cuteness that she entails.

Her father and Kotori together forever.
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>anime cuts out nearly all of Kotori's chapters and screen time

that is not okay
does her father and Kotori even acknowledge that she likes him or anything
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She gets plenty of semen from her father

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Left or right /a/?
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they can both take turns on my dinga dong
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So, you have a favorite girl from P5 yet?

Personally, I think I prefer Futaba the most. Yeah yeah, shit taste that, pandering this, but the dick wants what it wants.
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I'm only up to the end of the first dungeon. Moragana is the cutest though.
Can you even date the girls in this game? Can't risk triggering tumblr, SJWs, and other groups who will never even actually play the game.

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Ford is anime now

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What anime should they do one of these commercials for next?
>not the RS
None. Normalfags do not need to know about anime.

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Why does /a/ hate this good man again?
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He draws big titted bimbos now.
New work fucking when

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Do you like shoujo?
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What's your favorite shoujo, /a/?

Does CCS count in this thread? Since while it is shoujo the focus is on the magical girl aspect.

But if we are talking about traditional romance stuff, Marmalade Boy is my personal favorite.
Pretty sure cardcaptor counts.

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I like Mikazuki personality but i can't avoid to think. What could have been to have a Mika with an actual personality. Would he be more liked or hated?
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Did Gjallarhorn invent alaya vijnana sex? Was it forbidden after the war too?
Yes they invented it (And built the gundams around it), but no it wasn't outright banned, just heavily discouraged and something you only really see being done out in the outer regions like Mars and Jupiter after the war.
He already has an actual personality,retard.

It's like no one knows what a personality is anymore, for god's sake. Even mobage characters have personalities, something like "courteous, ambitious and takes risks" is a personality. You're thinking of character development or depth.

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Whats everyone opinion on yuki yuna was a hero?
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Liked everything but the non explained healing ending
1-11 was a 10/10 for me
As a whole just a 6/10
its good

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Is this accurate?
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I don't know if it's accurate, but it's cute.
That's the most vanilla thing I've read all week. Thanks, anon.
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Vanilla is great.

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How to get into ghost in the shell?
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Watch the movie, the manga is decent but I found it weak compared to the rest of the other entries in the franchise, good artwork though.
read the first manga, movie, SAC anime, Solid State anime, second manga, second movie, arise, lastest movie
Watch the the original movie then SAC and 2nd Gig.

If you're not into the movie for any reason, just keep in mind that SAC/2nd Gig have far better story and character, though not nearly as impressive art / animation / atmosphere, obviously.

The manga is good but not required. Every version of GiTS should really be taken as its own thing.

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