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Will mods delete our nipples again?

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Why don't you love robot girls, /a/? They deserve affection just like any other girl.
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Sentient AI would almost certainly destroy or enslave all mankind.
>implying I don't think robot girls are worthy of affection

That's my fetish.

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Lolis are cute and lovable. Anyone who says otherwise is a pedophile.
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I say otherwise.
Now post another pic from this set.
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Love for lolis is best served out with crowbars.

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The Guide™
Read it: buyfag.moe

"It's time to sleep Onii-chan." Edition
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>someone somewhere actually lives like that
I'm kinda disgusted, yet pretty jealous at the same time.
that looks comfy as fuck, wish i lived in that harem
>elf ears
Must nibble. Too bad those can't taste good.

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leave Zamazu2 to me.png
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Daddy's back edition
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Why powerlevels are so inconsistent?
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Personally I think the purple half of Super Zamasu is the fusion failing. I don't think the technique was designed to let someone fuse with themselves and perhaps it's a paradox too far for the time ring to contain.

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Kill all rock-humans
I feel like i'm in an infinite timeloop every time I go on these threads
>People complain about Davipro
>People say Davidpro did good
>People posting Jojolion
>People just posting memes in general
Where did we go wrong?

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>Stella still best girl of all time
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When are more chapters for this shit coming out.
Stella a best. A BEST.
Stella a shit. A SHIT.

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Your waifu gets posted you get on the floor and do the amount of pushups of the last 2 digits of that post.
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Looks like im doing 18 pushups, anon.
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Can you even do that?
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I can do it

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Are you ready for her to get no attention in the OAD?
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She'll get more attention in the OAD then she has since the hospital arc, anon
Muh threads
Lala's leotard clad body in the background doing kettlebell based routines using her head as the kettlebell.

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atom bird father.png
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Here's a ghost in a photo riding a crow

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hey does anyone have the source for this image
i thought it was going to be /giogio/. fuck you op

ITT tsundere done right
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inb4 shitposts.

I liked her a lot because no matter how business like and fierce she was when it came to fighting for her cause, she was still a girl deep down and really wanted to get more in touch with her feminine side. Especially when it came to being in love where she is completely at a loss on how to handle that.

But then im just an anime-only scrub, and have not kept up with the winding, overly milked source material.
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Subs are out. Seeding matches are underway.
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Reminder that Vivid Strike is a mistake.
I'm still mad, Miura losing is bullshit. She was winning the entire time.
What raw to use for those subs?

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Raws soon.
Why is Kruger-kun so dreamy?
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Annie a cute.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
Much better thread.

>[HorribleSubs] Okusama ga Seitokaichou! S2 (Uncensored) - 06 [720p].mkv
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ready to watch
Oh, it a I forgot her name episode. Nice.

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Sometimes you just need to sit down in front of your personal computer, go on /a/, and post the best girl from a series.
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Way to start a thread by posting the worst girl from her series.
Autocorrect haha

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