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When is /a/ going to make this happen?


>japan wants to launch a lance of longinus into space and have it orbit the moon
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but what if the aliens think this is some declaration of war?
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lets hope so~
I want to refuse to impregnate Mashu by cumming inside her butt exclusively!

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This is the face of a man who just doomed 11 universes to annihilation
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too late, thread already here:
Fuck off gohancuck

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Why didn't Jojo just use Hermit Purple to find Kira once they knew he was a stand user?
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When they took a picture of DIO all they got was a picture of some street in Egypt. If they tried for Kira they probably would have just gotten a shot of all of Morioh. Given that they need to find and smash an antique camera with each use, it's probably not worth it.
It's a gag series you dumbfuck.
josuke can fix the camera

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Were they gay?
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Is this your first anime?

Does anyone else feel like this season has been really vague on plot details or did I just miss stuff?

Was it ever stated why Mamushi was following Todo? Like, what did she hope to accomplish by taking the other eye? I get that she didn't trust Ryuji's dad but why is that distrust alone good enough of an excuse for her to take the eye which was safe with the Myoda for years?

And what's up with Ryuji's dad and the letter he wrote to Rin? It just seems really weird that he had this letter prepared before even going to confront Mamushi and Todo. I guess he just wanted to be prepared but if he had succeeded in killing the Impure King himself wouldn't he have revealed the secrets of the Myoda for no reason?

I can't really put my finger on it but I feel like something in the plot doesn't add up and it's really bugging me for some reason

I wanna hear from someone who is more confident in their understanding of this season if I'm just retarded or if the writing is flawed
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She misstrusted Suguro's dad, and later learned that he was guilty of helping Satan's son. He favorite teacher asked her for help so they could "do the right thing" by destryong the eyes(he was lying through his teeths obv), he bullshited his way by saying he needed the 2 eyes and the main object of the sect's worship to destroy everything.
Mamushi was dumb, and Sensei was smart.

As for Sugudad, he was planing on revealing the secret long ago. He even tried to make his son choose any kind of life he wanted, because he never planed on dying without revealing the secret of the familiar, he just thought that by using his life as fuel for the last technique, he could do a lot of damage, and relying on Satan's flame in the worst case was also an option.

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Snail > Monkey > Bee > Vampire > Doll >>>>>>> Anyone else >>>>> Snek

Snekfags will argue this
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I'm ok with this, although Cat is garbage.
>being a lolicon
Ougi > all

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how long has madokami been down?
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it's up, you're just retarded

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We Gotta Power!
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1st for Zamasu
Ningen you wrote Dragon Ball Super on the wrong part

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Jyoshikausei 41.png
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ITT: unforgettable anime moments

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Is that Kamina?
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Well, /a/, was Captain Tylor a fucking idiot or a genuine genius?
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Why don't we get animu like this anymore?
Well, Space Dandy was close enough, I guess.
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he's a real genuine

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Anime women will never understand. I'll start with an obvious one.
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All of them.
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ITT: Anime that nobody will ever understand

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These are objectively the 10 best television anime of the '10.
Don't even bother trying to prove me wrong, you can't.
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>these are my 10 favorite anime
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>stealing my thread and editing my pic (with shit taste on top of that)

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What would her stand be?
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fuck off
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Next, you're going to say, "Is that a jojo reference?"

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>Leave Goku to me !
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