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2 new chapters, finally. Seems like the scanlators are in desperate need of help, maybe some skilled /a/nons could give them a hand?
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So how is this series?
Really good, especially if you're a fan of mma. The artstyle is great, the characters are endearing, the story is compelling. The author also goes into a ton of detail describing mma techniques and tactics, morso than any other manga. If you train in an mma style, be it bjj, muay thai, judo or any other commonly practiced art, you'll definitely enjoy it.
I only read the first couple chapters and it didn't really impress me much, but I need to find more realistic martial arts stuff so I guess this is is.

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>Complete sociopath reaction to finding out quintrillions will die because MUH FIGHTS
>Not a single bit of remorse for Champa,Vador,Hit, Cabba dying because of him
>Puts his universe, family, grandchildren at stake so he can fight strong guys, it doesnt even cross his mind
>Forces his pacifist son to fight leaving him stained with the blood of 11 universes
>Beerus becoming more and more soft as he spends time with Goku and friends

Is this actually heading to Goku becoming a GoD , I mean he has already doomed 11 universes to death, not to mention already wiped out Future U7

He has done more damage in a few weeks than Beerus ever has in his hundreds of millions of years alive

I don't know if its because its a kids show Toei is ignoring the implications of everyone dying thanks to Goku? I always looked up to Goku and I am unironically hating him now because of how little he gives a shit in Super.
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>tfw I fooled these cucks in believing there will ever exist someone stronger than Goku

that shit was always Goku
he spared Vegeta the guy that was responsible for killing all his friends and plenty of people because "muh fights"
>not to mention already wiped out Future U7
That wasn't his fault

I finished Psycho-Pass first season yesterday. Great anime overall.

Now i should start the second season, but i heard it's bad comparing with the first one.

Is that true /a/? And why?
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I wish their was a image to show you and save time but it was pretty disappointing a lot of the new characters where either bad or forgetable the conclusion was very convoluted, no kogami, with the new villain they pretty much copied shogo's thing but the reason the villain didn't have a psycho pass was one of the dumbest revelations you'll ever hear but it is only 11 episodes I think you should watch it if you're curious on the exact details or if we actually get another season also pic related ruins most of the show
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S2 is pretty damned bad, in my opinion. I gained almost nothing from it except this image.

Jesus fuck, use some periods in your sentences. That's almost unreadable.
kougami was the only good thing about s1 and he wasn't in s2

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So how old was she really?
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24 or 26
30s or something. She deserved her happiness with Brad Bradford, but at least they got to bang one last time in Newtype space or something.
Hime is pure sex.

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Do I need to be clever to watch Evangelion? I hear it has a ton of biblical symbolism which is one of the reasons it's so great, but I've never read the bible and only know the basics of Christianity that you learn in secondary school.
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No you just need to be deep. It's all about shinjis low self esteem and daddy problems, reis identity problems and asukas mommy problems.
>but I've never read the bible and only know the basics of Christianity that you learn in secondary school

yeah that was the same for anno and the crew, i think the only notable biblical references are

>The seven eyes of god
>uber-rei having 14 wings
>the cross being the symbol for an angel dying or them blowing up something
>i guess an afterlife but thats very universal, instrumentality was just a representation of the flaws that come with most religions saying the afterlife is not filled with and mixed emotions, or i guess thats what i thought when i first watched it all
>angels being called angels

Theres some other stuff but i cant remember it. I heard there was parallel though between asuka/shinji and adam/eve and them being implied to be the only ones left on earth
Don't worry too much. The creators of Evsngelion never read the Bible either. Do the words/concepts Adam, Eve, the cross, fruit of knowledge and wisdom, Angels and the weird Jewish myth of Lilith mean anything to you? Then you're good.

fuck you /a/ if eva is as surface level as you say then why isnt it number one?

Yeah gotcha there didn't I
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Bad bait but fuck off anyway

This is the same website that regards Gintama as the best anime series ever

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orc a cute.png
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New chapter soon. Anyone knows the exact date? What are your predictions on it? Do you think there'll be a timeskip to show them directly going back up?
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Yes on the time skip. Dwarf may join the team OR the samurai. I'd love a new char though.

I think they will also talk to the gnome couple and the local human leader. Probably need to check on some things.

Dark magic will come backup.
EH Scans gets their raws on the 15th. Koreans may get them one day earlier or so.

>Riiitooooo, wanna try sex?
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If TLR didn't have super interesting art it would've flopped.
But the point of it the super interesting art, the plot is just an excuse.
Why can't Rito just admit that he's a faggot already and likes cawks.

Why would a heterosexual female want three cat girls?
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Are those kittens going to grow into full gown cat girls?
Did they actually specify that it was cat girls? Could be cat boys.

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The sequel of Onigiri Sasa, translation when?
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Sasa was hot, this one looks like a dyke

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Can't find the Youjo Senki thread, any friendos wanna lead me in the right direction?
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Needs more Tanya in dresses
Use the Yotsuba catalog.
You can find threads much easier with it.
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Ask and you shall receive

Thanks very much friendo, still a newfag wanting to get some delicious artwork

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The new chapter is out http://mangastream.com/r/the_seven_deadly_sins/206/4021/1
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What's with the TV on the front page?
Best OTP sacrificing themselves for everyone
Angels on suicide watch
Can someone dump it? I can't do it right now.

Been binge watching Yu-Gi-Oh, and I'm almost done with the first series. Which movies are worth watching when I'm done?
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havent seen the new one, but the season 0 movie is alright. its only 30 minutes and it has rather good animation and action

the beyond time movie is good in the japanese version.

these movies realize that people are mostly here for the duels and monsters and put them as priority
I guess I should watch all of Season Zero before the movie though, right?
The epilogue of the last movie was moving. Made me respect Kaiba's autism.

Hollow Ichigo deserved better
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Aizen deserved better. Prove me wrong.

Truck in t-minus PROBABLY 2 episodes. Secondaries gonna get a taste of Seo's wild ride. Are you ready for new best girl?
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I reckon it will take to the end of ep12 since it looks like they are going to add padding to the next episodes and will probably do 1 chapter an episode for the confession and when fuuka is at the shrine
I'm ready for the ride.

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