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Spoiler pics soon.

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Luffy is yonko level.
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This is all according to plan

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Is Esdeath... dare I say it... THE best girl?
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>Esdeathfag types like he's underage
>Likes the worst girl
No. She's the 2nd worst girl after Justice bitch.

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>cue choir
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[screams geometrically]
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best evagirl

best year in anime in recent years? for me 2014 takes the cake
pic related
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>pic related
Kill yourself immediately. Or if you'd prefer, you can imitate your precious show by moping around broadcasting the fact that you're going to die for about eight hours, and then killing yourself.
I haven't seen that many anime from the recent years, but I have to agree that Shigatsu was pretty good. Shirobako was also a good 2014 anime, so it may be one of the better ones, and many like Ping Pong too.
I don't know how far back passes as recent, but 2013 had Non Non Biyori, Kill la Kill and the Eotena Onslaught, so that was also a pretty good year.

It's hard to pick the best from 2013 to 2017, but maybe either 2014 or 2013. I also liked some anime from other years however.
What the fuck, why would you even bother posting your opinion with that few seen from the relevant time period? You watched fucking three shows in 2015, for Christ's sake, you have no possible useful input on how good the year was. Also, I sure hope you've seen a ton more old ones, otherwise fuck off of /a/.

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So,is it confirmed that Ursula is Chariot?
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Nice headcanon
Have you not watched the OVAs?
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Why is this allowed?
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5 YEARS OF _____
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"O-o-ok anon, if your ready.... I'm going to take it off. Just telling you now that...my nipples might look a little weird"
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"Make it hurt."
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How did they make a show that makes you feel uneasy the whole way through rewatching it now and it still feels the same
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The writer actually gave a shit. Its rare to see an anime with such detail in its setting and laws without it being retarded. Too bad the characters weren't as interesting.
Yeah still the only show I downloaded the BD rips to rewatch it.
>who is Saki

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What went wrong?
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i want to sexually fuck minmay
Summer Wars is a great movie you moronic faggot
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If we're comparing 1984 to 2009
Why not compare Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld[ and Redline?

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about to watch this what am i in for?
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Just fucking watch it you faggot
A show that is rather repetetive, though it has good atmosphere.
You're in for a... hell of a ride.

What is this face trying to convey?
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>"that's a puffy vulva"
>she sees Kobayashi's dick
She's old enough to be this world's mother but she gets exited by Kobayashi grabbing her hand.

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Raphiel is only good for doujins
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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
Why is Satania so shit? She ruined the entire show.
why is Tapris so cute? she saved the entire show

So, /a/, I want you to tell me who killed Maes Hughes, and I want the truth now
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He was killed by you

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Anime has been saved yet again.
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I want Kanna's butt to suffocate me.
if i see this thread one more time i'm going to hurt all of you

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get it off your chest anons

even if u like aquors people always get shitty at you for even slight criticism, just say it here man
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their hair colors just go so badly together? light orange, gray, and dark red? it looks like garbage desu

I like Aqours more than Moose.
aquors has some good songs but sometimes they get a bit to high pitch for my taste? I think its mostly you's voice

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