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lol watch R3 be 5 years in the future and Lelouch and Kallen still both be virgins. Nips always find a way
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That would imply Gino failed in his mission.
>Punished Gino, a man denied his pussy
It's normal to stay a virgin until marriage
It was confirmed it was 5 years after R2 in the PV

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What do you think Shinji shitposts about?
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Why did he hit her?
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Bitches need to learn their place from an early age.
She was a complete brat.

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oh my god
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Yes, Kanna is your new God now. Praise her!
God I am so fucking happy right now and I don't even know why god bless godani

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Wow that was actually pretty good! I'm really glad

we got enough run time for a happy ending in the film as well as the manga. If he had pulled his usual stunt of "bittersweet" (read as rage inducing) ending it would have had the same sales as all his others.
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Spoilers you retard
Literally everyone already knows due to constant threads on release and media coverage.

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Me and my waifu.
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I miss this show. Lack luster second half but overall good.
Hopes season 2 delivers even without Matsumoto. Aligura second best girl.
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As long as Season 2 delivers on more Zapp and an OST as good as the first one, I'll be satisfied.

God I miss this show, though, no one really watched it but it was a fun ride.

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I wish I had been around for the fallout. This is just fucking hilarious. This is just wild.

I have to ask though, why on earth did he do it? I mean, there doesn't seem to be any reason to single out this character. What the fuck?
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Classic author trolling power trip to show their audience who's in charge.

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Why is Howl such a divisive Ghibli movie?

Everyone I've talked to either thinks it's trash or one of Miyazaki's best, no in-between.
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It's not very good compared to other things Miyazaki has done.
I'd say it's Ponyo-tier.
It's great, but I imagine much of the ire probably arises from the fact that the romantic subplot just doesn't mesh well with the rest of the film. I mean it's certainly the aspect that irks me the most
Ponyo is one of the Miyazaki's bests. Fuck off.

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So, yeah that was weird.
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Do you mean great?
So, when is this getting animated.
It just keeps getting shittier.

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What's the closest thing to hardcore loli porn I can buy on Amazon? I need to know for research purposes. The plot doesn't matter.

(pic related, but not lewd enough)
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Are you trying to get arrested you dipshit?
Just read it online, if you are scared of no internet download it.

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Kyochuu Rettou Chapter 16 - Part 4
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Thread theme
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Are we approaching the thrilling conclusion?

>its a "have lots of sex and children" episode
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For some reason I read that as "have lots of sex with children". Weird, really.
Why was their imaginary kid blonde when neither of them have blonde hair genes to pass down?
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Why haven't they made a decent anime about Icefight yet? Japan are actually okay at it and certainly better than other Asian countries.
Also it's much more exciting and faster and with good animation would be much more fun to watch than divegras, boreball, apehoop and homo skating.
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Canuckfag please go home. Hockey is the worst sport.
>actual yuri on ice
I don't know anon, I'd be fine with it.

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I know im late, but I just finished Code Geass R2. I thought the ending was great, and left me satisfied. What is the third season even gonna be about?

Also, does Pizza Hut make a return?
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>What is the third season even gonna be about?
The power vacuum left behind after the collapse of a worldwide empire, and the source of geass or something, probably.
The current meme pizza in Japan is Dominos.
Its gonna be an slice of life about C.C and Lulu living together
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Every thread. Just because.

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Episodes 63-75 or so today.

Live Stream Link:


Alternative link: http://pastebin.com/FSfApYGb

Starts at 6:30pm EST (3:30pm PST, 11:30pm UTC)

No profit is made from this, it's all just for fun.
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We can start off with some discussion right away, how well would Godai stand as a person with main characters in anime today?
He would be in the top 10 male characters of the year purely because he is not in high school and has had a girlfriend
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A real man stays strong and proud when answering a pink telephone

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