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Loli Twister.webm
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I give up /a/.
KyoAni won this round.
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>Seto Yu is a 12-year-old boy, that is abused violently by his father. One day, he is transported into a fantasy world with video game mechanics after being killed by his abusive father and he discovers that he has the unique ability to steal other people's skills for his own use. He quickly uses his special power to take revenge on the townspeople who bully him and obtains a harem of beautiful girls who love him unconditionally even though he shows no romantic interest in any of them and has the physical build of a skinny teenager.

I bet you $100 that the worst that whoever wrote this' parents ever did was take away their ps2 for a week.
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sound like a typical /a/non isekai
Isekai is the biggest travesty we have seen in a long while.

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What's underneath the Gap's hat, /a/?
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The void that Cream and the Hand send things to.
An Afro
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At last I have reached the peak of anime. There's no point in watching any other anime anymore. Goodbye /a/
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OP is a faggot
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See you later faggot.

Initial d thread.
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What were the artists thinking when they drew this?
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Kyoani have betrayed us all.
Based fucking Godani

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Seriously, what's his fucking problem?
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Bad vibrations
Does anybody know what font that is?
He's in an Asano manga.

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You wouldn't.
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no i wouldnt im not gay

Also that loli yuri scene might be something fucked up.

What if Kanna was going to eat the bitch.
I wouldn't what?

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Some parts of me wants to see it before I dies, or more imposibly, before ZUN dies. Can be a big fuck you move to all the hardcore fans, but I want to see the reaction / aftermath to it. Post your hypothetical studio to handle it, and which storyline to adapt, I guess
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Hasn't ZUN always said this will essentially never happen?
No one actually wants this.
Hopefully never. Touhou shouldn't be violated by anime-only faggots.

Hello. Sorry for a thread asking a very specific thing but I am wondering if anybody knows how Junji Ito is generally received in Japan? Is he generally universally praised in his field or more of a cult thing?
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Whatever gets popular elsewhere in the world is probably popular in Japan. Otherwise you wouldn't have heard of it in the first place. Take a guess.
he got his stories adapted into movies and based on his cat diary manga he bought a house, so he's probably doing well
Just google it.

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What is your favorite beach episode?
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Ika Musume's

Does this guy even want to become a hero?

What's his deal?
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He's a hero for fun, just like Blast.
He originally did it out of a sense of idealism but now he's so powerful that he basically only does it for a hobby.

Punching bad guys is something to do I guess.
He's basically playing with god mode enabled. He's bored of life and wants some sort of challenge and so far video games are one of the few things left that actually challenge him.

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Kanna is so attractive even non-lolicons, like me, find her sexy.
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>non-lolicons, like me
I have bad news for you son.
Same, honestly
Speaking as someone who is not sexually attracted to lolis Kanna does absolutely nothing for me.

What emotion is this facial expression trying to convey?
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The pleasure of being cummed inside.
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doujins when
I wish, but I don't think this is popular enough to get anything.

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Masked Heroes vs Vision Heroes!
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is incest a common japanese pastime?
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Well yeah. Their poor constitutions and immune systems are the result of centuries of inbreeding.
National sport.
Favorite game show

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