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Finally finished watching The Melancholy of Harhuri Suzumiya and Disappearance of harhuri. How is the disappearance of nagato? i don't want this to be like E7 AO and jump into a series that ruins everything. First ep seems cozy though. What does /a/ think?
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>How is the disappearance of nagato
It's fanfiction-tier wish fulfillment shit.
I'd only recommend watching it if you like a complete butchering of the characters in a boring ordinary setting, and your are desperate to see Yuki win.
Wish fulfillment for who exactly? Certainly not Kyon.
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Is it unbeatable?
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The World Over Heaven beat it, but it's complete bullshit so it doesn't count.
There's no way to "defeat" it, but something sufficiently powerful enough could result in a stalemate, due to GER likely being about as strong as regular GE.
You could wait it out for GER to deactivate, or strike before it transforms, but it's basically an undo button.
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This guy would be able to lose really well against GER.

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Let's have one of those threads, /a/nons.
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oh lord I don't know what to feel about this

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Translation fucking when?

I'm surprised some other team still hasn't picked it up.
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Hopefully soon. But man that was unexpected. I guess Emma is going to go full nuclear now.
>top shonen jump manga since ch 1
>have to wait 4 days for translation
Who cares about Black Clover
Better Mangas get Translated first.

Name a better dyke MC.

You can't.
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Oh god time to fap
Kumiko is fucking ugly.
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Most of the chapter has come out as spoiler pics.

There's two chapters left after this I think.
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What did Nagai mean by this?
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is that devilman lady
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It's Full Metal Lady.

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Purest love
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But that's the wrong sister
This image warms my heart while at the same time, crushes it into pieces.
I agree.
It reminds me of how horrible death can be to you by taking the one thing you love the most.

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Shouta is a faggo.png
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I mean he has the hot sexy babe Louca to sleep with, and he is scared shitless of her. Then he dresses like a fucking trap that you would find on /r9k/.

If I where his father, I would try to make that kid become as manly as Duke Nukem.
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He's still a kid.
get out of /a/ illiterate mexican
>he dresses like a fucking trap that you would find on /r9k/
I don't get it. Aren't /a/, /fit/ and /g/ the crossdresser boards? Why randomly bring that shitty board in?

This manga is on a whole new level of cute

Best boy in trouble
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>Kidnapping best boy
Yandere a shit

When is he going to give Komi-san the D
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Her stare really does it for me
Hilarious too. Glad translations seem to be starting up again.

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shadow the edgelord.png
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How the fuck did this lose the plot that badly in the second half? It was a struggle to get through those episodes
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what was so bad about it?
>we forgive the villains

cuck show
Because pic related OP.

Comes in and kills everyone then is happy to die to some beta shit lord.

Why is this getting an S2 Japan.

15 minutes till the last episode of Ao no Exorcist

The question is: Will they announce a new season at the end?
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Gentle sex with Mamushi!
I miss the days when there were streams
It's flopping, isn't it?

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Which one of these guys is the coolest?
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Body switching is not only fun, but also sexy. Ginyu is clearly best boy.

Legit question, do we know for a fact that THAT is Ginyu's real body?

He has body change, but what would be the point of having it if it meant destroying his old body unless completely necessary?

Why not use it against Frieza and become an allmighty motherfucker?

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Manatsu for me.
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Also new chapter is out

The one presenting her butt.
Nice, though nothing about the chuuni coming with him.

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sweaty girl.jpg
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>season coming to a close
>still need to start like 4 shows
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Well, next season is garbage, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up.
Next season is looking great
just drop em

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