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>Hero-sama steals her girl
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I will wait for chapter 2

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Was there ever an anime character that died a more pathetic death than Maniwa Pengin?
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I don't think so. Being forced to drink ketchup and mustard until you suffocate is pretty lame way to go out.
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Not in the history of final words has their ever been a more pathetic death.
Why was it pathetic? He was just afraid of death, like a normal human being

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How does this make you feel?
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I like digimon for the monsters
Shipfags ruined the fanbase
Cody was the most pointless character

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Will we ever see them again?
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in the afterlife
If Doga Kobo gave Umaru a second season anything is possible to me. Is there enough manga material for a second season though?
Hopefully not. I liked it as much as the other guy, but by the final 2-3 episodes it definitely felt like they were running out of material.
Everything worth doing with these characters has been done. Time to let it rest.

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>tfw never see this show mentioned on /a/

Is it because it still hurts anons ? Also, when will this show be topped ?
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Cause it's GOAT up until the end of the first cour. Everything after that just feels like excessive MUH FEELS fluff.
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MAL likes it so /a/ decided to hate it.
Its shit, getting battered with the same shit was tiring.

A toast to my big brother Goblin Slayer: the richest man in town!
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I thought /a/ was exaggerating when they called him a manlet
The other thread just got archived, give it a rest.
What? There was a thread?

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Mina Tepes is extremely hot and deserves more love.
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Man, I still remember the hype behind this.

To think it would make them go bankrupt.
I love vampire gear solid.
Tell us the story

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You know the drill!
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>tfw no imouto to draw lewd anime
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>Taking a picture of her own butt to get the drawing right.
I felt like I was literally watching ore no imouto again and I mean literally. I know anime is unoriginal but fuck. This shit is insane how similar it is. It's basically the same thing but they changed the girl.
They aren't alike at all though

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if Eu is such a great necromancer why cant she raise Korean Zombie desk car from the dead?

Season 3 never
The new character reveal of Season 2 finale was just a tease
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Also, friendly reminder that loli won.
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You piece of shit
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Go wild.

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manga you want to see become anime
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Blazer drive
You'll have to agree, though, that if it ever gets an adaptation, it would be shitty.
you're right but I can still dream

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Holy Shit. I don't even know who to be scared off - scheming killer or yandere. I'm so confused~
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Yuno did nothing wrong.
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I was enjoying this until Chad showed up
He got what he had coming.

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Why is the manga so superior to the anime?
Holy shit! It's so much better.
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what's this, umaru?
I love the way she draws eyes.
Anime can be good, but usually only if it's original. It's not like manga adaptations of other media tend to be good either.

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This was better than Fate/stay night. No. Not Deen/Stay Night. Not either UBW adaptation. The VN.
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>comparing a light novel to a visual novel

They were both good.
F/Z was better than Deen and UBW utofable.
I never understood why the VN was held with such high regard. It bored me to tears.
F/Z was definitely better.

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M. Bison is scary as as hell in the '96 movie. I suppose this can be attributed to a number of things.

>The movie's upfront establishment of the consequences and lethality of its fights.
>the overall seriousness of its tone
>fact that a remorseless and almost godlike villain is hunting the MC
>and the personal knowledge that I couldn't stand up against the weakest character in the movie, let alone Bison if he were hunting me like he did Ryu.

Pretty damn good music helps too, and yet I can't easily put my finger on exactly what it is that makes M. Bison so terrifying to me or the situation so tense. This makes finding anime with similar levels of tension difficult to find. What have you watched that has thrilled you in this way?
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1994, I mean.
ashame they could never top this movie...
I haven't seen anything else, but I didn't expect anything else street fighter related would surpass this.

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