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When will best girl appear?
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5 minutes
Spoilers tomorrow
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Please keep the shit that's been happening last thread in that thread
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Every thread until Crusch-sama gets her memories back.
Hahahahaha, right, riiiiight.
No worries, Remfags are easy to bait anyway.

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"Whomst'everst The Manga-ka of Fairy Tail needs to be immediately appointed the Head Director of Human Female Architecture and Body Design once we can perfect CRISPR."

also, perfect girl/lucy thread
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perfect tits,celebrate, this would be a great future!
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Any Junko Mizuno fans here? Hadn't heard of her until I saw an art gallery near me has a show coming up with her there signing Ravina the Witch. I've always kind of liked the pop art style, if that's what it's even called. Is her shit worth a read if I like her art?
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Oh. Fair enough.

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Were Ruma and Mima the same person?
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no what? im pretty sure rumi was trying make up for mima tarnishing her innocence and image. Mima was stressed and unsure if she was mudering the people through an alternate persona. Or atleast thats how i perceived it
Yeah, but at the end Mima is driving the same red car Rumi was driving.

Rumi also mentions out of nowhere that she used to be a popstar.

Isn't that weird?

Isn't it possible Rumi is just a crazy person remembering the days she used to be young and popular?
Rumi was a failed actor and wasn't happy with the way Mima's career was going so she got pushy parent syndrome to the point where the honestly believed she was the real Mima.

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Was she a lolicon?
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No, she loved tippy(human) until Cocoa(witch) tranformed tippy(human) into tippy(rabbit).
Females can't be lolicons

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>Pan!, Pan!, Pan!.
>Pan look out!
>Hey Pan!
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The whole story was PAAAAAAAAAN, all the other characters in the group barely mattered. If his father wasn't important nobody would have bothered with that boy.
Indeed. I wanted to know more about the thief.
youll never know cuz the dude got a weed arrest

What's the best way to translate her gimmick?
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> Watches first 2 episodes of K-On
> Yui is retarded, adorable voice
> Mio scared of everything, fucking hot black hair
> Mugi rich as fuck and likes sweet things, dem eyebrows
> Ritsu energetic af drummer chick
> did i forget one? not at that episode yet

Who the fuck do i choose as waifu?
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Mio, her voice, looks, and personality are for making love all night long.

mmmm, she is indeed breeding material. though Ritsu is also close

Why ships become best girls?
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Who else hype for this? Did anyone see it in Japanese cinemas already?

It comes out in theatres in the west in September, so presumably the BD release is after that.
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I'm more hyped for Yuasa's Devilman next year.

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When Golden Freeza beats Caulifla like Spopovich beat Videl, how much are tumblrinas going to bitch?
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Dragonball isn't that violent anymore, sadly. We wont be Freeeza doing something like this to her, even though it's in-character for him:


If he even fights her at all, that is....
I want him to atleast stomp on her like he did to Goku in the movie
Caulifla is probably weak enough to get zenkai boost, Freeza will torture her for giggles and accidentally make her strong enough to beat him because he's an idiot.

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Would you an imouto if she was taller than you?
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If only, I love tall women. I'd love a 2D sexually suggestive and aggressive imouto like any other red blooded only child.

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Most romantic moments in Berserk.
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inb4 Donovan
Is that an edit?
yes, he actually comments on how beautiful the moon is that night while thinking about griffith

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Tomorrow I want to meet a new thread
Please give me courage, even if it's just 1 gram.
When I walk home alone, I hum a song
It becomes idle and I begin to feel a little like crying

Today for some reason, I couldn't say
"I'm sorry," after the fight
Casually, like a breeze
I want to tell you - Aikatsu and Pripara
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I wonder how many died in the explosion.
I want to make wakuwaku with Lala

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