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Started watching this Macross today I'm just want to say in advance "fuck you elevens" because I'm bet that this girl will somehow lose the MC bowl.
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It's OK, because the best girl ends up winning.
Minmay is out of his league desu
you have that shit backwards

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>Takes into account relative space travel
>Made in the 80s

Well that's neat.
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Yeah. We need more anime with time dilation.

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>self insert character

Why people use this as negative criticism? A great character is one anyone can relate to.
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It's used for characters that are so bland because their sole purpose is to be a vehicle for the reader or viewers desires. You can have a relatable character and still give them their own personality and back-story.
I would argue that the best characters are those you root for and understand, they are relatable because they, just like you, have their dreams, hopes, anguish and trials (if they are well written enough).

A self insert character tries to achieve that relatability in a lazy way, by just boiling down their traits to the bare minimum in hopes of appealing to a broad audience.

Also this >>159011126
People often use it as a negative criticism only because they are having trouble self-inserting into a particular NON-self-insert character that doesn't align with their own personality traits. Thus they accuse said character of being a self-insert for others (which may or may not be true) in a negative way to distance themselves from it. There are very few characters out there which are truly completely blank slates which get a free ride through their story.

Also known as projection.

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Griffith D.png
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Who would have thought Griffith is this big?
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blocks your path
i legit laughed when these penis monsters showed up. And then some more, when they started spitting

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hinamatsuri-chap 7 page 9.jpg
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Would you a homeless psychokinesis /a/?
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In a heartbeat
She's so much cuter than hina, I wish we could have more chapters of her
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Hinamatsuri 2.jpg
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this, hina a SHIT

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What is Joubin planning at a time like this?
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It's cool, I hope you have fun with it. I liked part 6 a LOT more when I reread it.

And yeah, it was a good talk and reminded me of why I like the characters and series. Apologies for my aggro tone at the start, I admit I was expecting a shitflinging 'Daddy issues' argument rather than the good discussion you provided. Thank you, Anon.

(Also holy shit what was the reason for thread-deletion)
Damage control report to the mystery doctors/kings?
Some mod got butthurt about Jojo thread popping up all the time? That would suck

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Gum or gun?
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Gum Gum Pistol
Kurapika makes me question my sexuality

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Anime that crushed your soul
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Anohana is pretty sad.

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Fuck Koi Kaze. I read this shit thinking it'd be a cute story about a young sister and her brother finally meeting again after several years and rebuilding a bond that was lost or something like that, but it turned into fucking incest.
fuck this shit
That's why I said soul crushing.

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Jun was already dead five days ago
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every time a new thread is [email protected]
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Stop not wanting Trigger to go bankrupt.
Stop using my wife to shitpost

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lwa teachers full.jpg
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Look at all of these Grande Witch Faculty members! Which one is your favorite?
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You ever watch anime in an actual theater?

I just came back from a showing of My Neighbor Totoro
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When my sister and I went to see Howl's Moving Castle, we were the only ones in the theater. It was really comfy.

But when I went to see Ponyo by myself, there was a couple in there who'd clearly come there just to make out, and it was incredibly awkward.
Watched spirited away
I saw Your Name in a theater recently. Definitely on the empty side but there were a few people in there.

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S2 or OVA3?
Hopefully cad
Hopefully card anon comes back. Post your submissions
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Wasn't sure which thread to use so i'm going with this one
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Untitled design.png
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start the thread with cute akkos
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akko thumbs up.png
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I'd be fine with either

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Read the guide before asking any questions:

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>that GSC bonus
Is it true you can get soft anime figures?

Dolls are the event horizon.

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Eromanga Shitsei.png
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>Eromanga Sensei OVA is released
>it's actually just the OreImo afterstory which takes place during the 11th episode of Eromanga
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