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Is she a chu2?
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Looking at the mask, eyepatch, and bell, yes.
Why does she wear the mask?

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>pure gyaru
>pure slut
Why is this allowed?
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they're not real
delete your thread

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Why do so many anime protagonists sit in the back of the classroom next to the window?
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Except when there's a mysterious transfer student, where there's one seat behind the protagonist reserved for them.
What sounds less time-consuming, drawing a main character surrounded by other people, or just drawing the main character in a small empty corner?
That's where the unsocial losers always sit.

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New(ish) manga time. I dumped ch1 before but it deserves it's own thread.
Disclaimer to mods: Published in an official magazine so should be allowed here.
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2 is a blank white page.
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>Kirishima's gonna die
I want to fuck face-to-face with Amajiki!!
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Mount Lady Debutt.webm
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I can't wait for Toga to be redeemed! It's so obvious it's gonna happen. There's no way Hori will wast such a fantastic character. She's gonna be Class-A's best girl!
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She's going to jail
She won't. She'll be in Class-A the next year. She can't be wasted like that!
The only way I can see her in class a , is if ochako is the traitor and she allows her to take her place

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Kemono Enemies

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Who was in the wrong here?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I miss this series.

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What a load of horseshit. I will never fall for 4chan memes again!!
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Please stop giving me reasons to post this image.
You're welcome

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Which Yu-Gi-Oh! series was the best and why?

I feel like 5D's was the best regardless of the flack it gets for being card games on motorcycles. I can't remember much but I remember thinking the plot and characters were better than that of the older Yu-Gi-Oh! serieses. I believe the duels were better as well.
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the first one better
Explain why. Don't just give us a half-assed response.
5d's up to the end of the Dark Signers arc was the best Yu-Gi-Oh anime. For manga, the original is unrivaled, great character development and it ends before it gets stale, unlike other shonen manga.

Hard mode: you had to make it on same budget and in '95
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Reifag here.
Remove asuka.
take out the gay shit
Add a little pencil-drawn scenes to every other episode, to make emphasis on characters' inner thoughts and easen the transition to 25/26

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Why are people OK with this level of character assassination? Why did Trigger have to resort to "moe"fying a character to make them popular? Diana was fine in the OVAs but here they had to completely gut her.
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No one gives a shit about this flop just let it go already
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Sasuga Diana
I hang around in case any Amanda art get posted

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best girl reporting in
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kyoani is bad
your mom gay
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