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Is summer the worst season of animu ever?
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rip harambe
sukasuka is kino
Sorry but it's got a great lineup

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Am I the only one that leaves a few of my anime episodes unwatched if either a you know they aren't gonna make any more or b cause you're waiting for its renewal to be confirmed? Having a few to watch in the future is surely preferable to having seen all that there will ever be, right?
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Fuck off, streamfag.
i've done this with shows i really enjoy. I also don't watch some movies/series since i expect them to be good, and i'm afraid someday i'll have nothing but shit left to watch.
I'm saving season 4 of Natsume for when I turn 40. Or maybe 50. So there will always be some Natsume waiting for me.

What was the moral lesson of this show?
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Illya is cute
lolis never lose.

Why don't you like Nagisa?
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Because she dies at the end of Clannad.
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Because Tomoyo ova exists

ITT: Voices you would fuck.
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In addition to that smoking hot body Tomo also had the voice of an angel.
Thread Kuroko. Nigger.

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With Frieza's second revival, can we agree that Resurrection of F was one of, if not the best DBZ movie?
Thread theme
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Reminder that Son Goku is beautiful.
A happy goku is a cute goku
I liked battle of Gods better

If they actually let Vegeta kill Frieza without the massive copout it would have went down as the better move. Instead it only served to be another "we need goku to save the day" affair.

Annie makes me happy
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Endgame right here, brothers
This thread is a nonshitrenfag edition.
Erenbabies are not welcome.

Instead, let's post best team.
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Annie is made for Bert cock

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The fuck did I just watch?
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I can't remember, is Big O /co/ or /a/
It was made by Sunrise, and aired on Japanese television. Just because Cartoon Network paid for season 2, it doesn't make it a western show
thx for the spoonfeed I couldn't be assed to do my own research
to answer your question, they thought they'd be getting a third season where they could have things make sense at all, but that never happened

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Who is best girl, and why is it Taki-sensei?
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But that's fucking wrong
He just is.

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Who /mompussy/ here?
So far so good. This thing looks promising. Finally a mother-son manga. Tired of imoutoshit.
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youre going to get blue balled.
there is no situation where this makes sense

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ITT: Characters with design that doesn't fit their personality

Pic related, she looked like someone who would stab you to death just for looking at her wrong
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Some people are just born with that look. It's called a resting bitch face. They're not always a bitch, but there's nothing they can do outside of plastic surgery.
But that is her personality.
She is a bitch though.
No she isn't, she's just reserved.

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Who wins?
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It should be Hit just because of his King Crimson, but because of powerlevel bullshit it would probably be Jiren.

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Why would Ritsu wear a hat like this?
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That's a terrible shoop.
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Starting the thread posting best girl!
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Reminder: Mina's a whore
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Kirishima's not exactly the most pure person either

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Post your best Charioces

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