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>Strong, charismatic, smart and with a wick sense of humor.
Name God Tier Anime villains that got screwed by the Plot/Director.
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For a good solid year I would enlarge this picture of Kaworu Nagisa as my laptop background and place my laptop open right next to me as I feel asleep, pretending as if he was right there next to me as I fell asleep.

How is he so perfect /a/?
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Well he is literally an angel
He's shit, I learned to hate his faggy smile eventually after getting fed up with Eva

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I WILL eat her ass, /a/.
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Please go into intricate and perhaps unnecessary detail as to how you'd go about accomplishing this
Something to do with experimental "reality-to-anime" matter transfer technology and pure force of will. The ass will be eaten.
I replied to my self
I promise I'm not a fucking crazy person, I just want to eat a cartoon girl's ass.

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Some licensed manga released today.

>Fairy Tail 541 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>Land of the Lustrous v01 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>The Seven Deadly Sins 223 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>To Your Eternity 030 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire)
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>Land of the Lustrous v01
BASED, thank you.

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How do you feel that things related to your country appear in Anime?
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Give me a sec to talk it over with all of my tanned, blonde, imperialistic, ravist friends.
post brazilian characters

Memes aside, does anyone think this looks good at all?
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It has my seiyuufu, so I'll watch it for her.
Never heard of it until now. The concept sounds interesting. I'm also attracted to violins and music playing so if that's a part of it I'm in.
It does have Yamakan though, so unfortunately some people are going to reject it on sight. And there'll probably be some people calling it a Your Name or Your Lie in April ripoff.

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So I just found out these two were gay for each other? How does that even work?
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Would you protect this smile, /a/?
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sure, along with the three other people that watched this show
I want to fuck her.
I would

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My wife Tsumugi's birthday is in four days! Say something nice to her.
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Is Sumire the coolest girl in Boruto?
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Why does she wear the mask?

If they take that off will she die?

くとり がんばれ
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Nope, unless this season makes the LN sales rally like crazy, to the point where it makes financial sense to promote their sales via another season.

Even then, most likely no, or not for a very long time.
there are multiple active threads already

fucking use one of them

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>Legs closed
>I'm only using 10% of my sex appeal
What did Carol mean by this?

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how strong is my boy jinbei? do you think he is stronger than sanji?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Just look at his benevolent face. He just wanted everyone to be happy. Madara did nothing wrong.
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He thought he was the big bad in naruto

He was. Everything that happened was directly because of him. Kaguya just came along as a convenient means of beating him since Kishi couldn't think of a logical way to do it.

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So, what's the deal with Sakura Quest.
Is she making this girl her queen, or is this just bating?
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It's not even "bait", they're just hugging you maroon
That's a lot of eye contact for a hug.
It's like one frame

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