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What years does one have to be born to be an "early 2000s kid"?
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fuck off
'Early 2000s kid' isn't really a thing. It's divided into full decades since that's closer to how long childhood lasts.

I'd say that anyone born from about 1987-1997, though, had at least some of their childhood in the early 2000s and is old enough to remember it.

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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that's how much she has to open her mouth to fit your dick in her mouth
The face of collecting data that supports your hypothesis
>buy my game, fag

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Would you want nakano's telepathy to develop so that knowing a persons thoughts also means she can feel what they're thinking as toda's thoughts are doing

will she be able to use this to double team toda's thoughts and body at the same time
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it reminds me of baki son of ogre
This is shoujo right?
She should mind fuck Toda.

>Why did you save me?
>"My legs moved on their own"
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>tfw missed the thread

/a/ threw a shit fit, right?
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This really doesn't look that bad. I can tell this will be a good series although I can see weebs giving shit ratings because they'll whitewash things in the show.
Also I hope they change the ending. I hate that little fucker that shows up towards the end of the anime.
Last Name is how the manga should have ended.
*Dark Yagami is how the manga should have ended

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I miss Glasslip....jpg
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>you will never be part of a group of friend that's so warm, close, and stable as the one in Glasslip
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Not with that attitude

I fucking called this shit. Recent interview with Togashi regarding the Chrollo and Hisoka fight.

>I wanted readers to focus on how the two characters were able to fight and determine a clear winner while remaining standing, but as expected, it was difficult to make it interesting. Another thing I wanted to do was to have the person who says "I'll 100% win" actually win, because most of the time, they end up losing.

So there you have it. I'm going to make even more bold predictions. People are going to assume that Togashi brought back Hisoka to get his revenge on on Kuroro and actually kill him, the next time around they fight. But I think that Togashi is pretty self aware in regards to that as well and Kuroro will put the clown down for good, next time they fight. Togashi will say that, "most people expected to see the main character fight his rival from the beginning of the series, but I wanted to do something different. Gon's character arc has completed and he has no reason to fight Hisoka after his encounter at Heaven's arena."

Screenshot this, it will happen. Danchou will win this fight, but will probably be killed by Kurapika at the end of all of this. Because even though Togashi develops characters to be more sympathetic as the series goes on, he is very much about giving characters their just desserts for the shit they've done.
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I kind of liked Hisoka because he actually felt like the rogue element he was intended to be. From a narrative perspective, I can see why Togashi thus staved away from killing either character, because they add flavour to the story.

Dunno if I would call the fight a "big" moment though because the ending felt a little anti-climatic but I think even if Hisoka had either outright died or won, it would still be a bit disappointing anyway? Maybe just because it feels like both characters have yet to completely outlive their purpose?
Yeah, I think Hisoka will die for good, seems like a Togashi move, and I actually love the idea (not because I don't like Hisoka, I actually like his character)

I just want the O MY RUBBER NEN posting to stop.

Look what arrived
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your news door stop?
Is that the movie BD?
>bluray of a shit anime
should I be praising or shiting you?

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was this one of the coolest scenes in anime?
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Anyone knows who is this girl?
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who is the hottest and cuties 2d girl you ever seen post their name is this boring thread
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Fix that english first.

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Imagine Altair entering some ero guro stories.
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Granblue Fantasy
So who was this?
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You mean like, her name, or what?
a young and hip JK
yes, i don't recall seeing here anywhere other than the OP

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You Know what happens next
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1. Diana has a secret!
2. She has a cock!!
3. Watch out Akko!
4. Akko's pregnant?!?!?!
5. DIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is cute
Source ?
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Redhead was best girl, prove me wrong.
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>Those lips
My dick!
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Looks like you need to lurk moar, weeb.
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Reminder that this is bait

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