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"grrr im so angry"
what a great character
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He's not angry though, he's just really intense.
Go to your fucking thread >>159034941
Other threads don't have to die for this.
>y-you just don't understand these complex battle shounen characters!
he is a shitty edgelord who would be the worst character in the show if that crybaby faggot deku didn't exist

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It's Yuyuesday
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I thought I must have missed the thread. I really looked for it but couldn't find one.
Anyway, are you going to make a full Yuyu party in Kirara Fantasia?
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>Kirara Fantasia
What is this?
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They're making a smartphone rpg game with a lot of the Kirara characters from all the magazines.

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like a damn fiddle.jpg
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When will Hisocucks admit that their clown lost fair and square?
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When rubber nen doesn't bring him back from the dead, invalidating the ending of a fight to the death.
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stand power.jpg
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whats pika's stand called again?

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Ochako smells like flowers!
Also, new chapter when?
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Are the theory fags gone?
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I want to fuck ochako in the air.
I want to be fucked by ochako in the air.
I want to fuck ochako in her ass.
I want to fuck ochako while she makes ocha for her kou.
I want to fuck ochako and creampie her in her deepest parts.
I want to make ochako happy.
S-Stop Ururaka is mine

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>ywn feel Akko's ponytail brush against your face

Why even bother to live anymore, /a/?
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Go out, meet smelly asian girl, produce smelly asian daughter, name her Akko, impart a love of magic in her, tie her hair into ponytail, rub face in it.
Is Akko canonically smelly?
It's canon that she hates baths and spends less than 3 minutes taking the few she does.

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Why does /a/ not discuss actual quality works? Forget the seasonal garbage when you have legitimate art from decades past.
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Amazing Nuts is a subpar collection of anime music videos. The only one of note is Global Astroliner.

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I wanna finally get into Lupin III, but, being a purist, I wanna start from the beginning.

Could someone point me to where I could read Lupin I and II- or whatever the series equivalent would be, if they're not numerically labeled?
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not sure if serious
> Could someone point me to where I could read Lupin I

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Do you think Mami deserves her own movie too?
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Didn't they say she was supposed to be the focus if they ever made a sequel series or another movie? If Madoka's "Heaven" and Homura's "Hell", and Mami is clearly "Earth" or "Universe".

I hate neutrals though, but I like Mami. God I hope they don't do that balance garbage, I really do.

Get chance and luck.
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Worst character fanbase of 2010.
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Knee to the fucking face edition
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This series have way too much OPT fuel.
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img000020 (1).jpg
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So, what are we going to do this Sunday?
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haibane renmei
Get a life, nerd

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They canĀ“t fight like this in front of the kids, right?
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It's just wholesome bonding.
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First for Best Warriors.
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ch 95.png
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Let's try doing one of these.

It doesn't matter if you're bad at drawing, just call out the tile you want to draw. Images are here:
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I can't draw but I'd like to see other anons do stupid shit. Though I might actually try one tomorrow if this project is still alive.
I'm starting on 13
Leave 54 to me.

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Do you remember me /a/?
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Boku no Kaito.
Duke Devlin?

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So who was the love interest?
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There was no love interest. Gourai is like a daughter to Ao.
Why not both?
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Mochi au lait go home.

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