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Does /a/ like Kat?
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Hai guys! what going on in this thr-
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Oh shit, don't look!

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Have you given into despair yet
You should
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Does she like dick?
She literally took her fetish and spread it worldwide.

I can't think of many villainesses who have achieved the same goal.
>tfw Danganronpa is basically about Junko forcing people to enter her magical realm

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>Popura comes to serve your table.

>What do?
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Request for another waitress to serve me, preferably by Yamada.
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I like the way you think
tags: [forced].[defloration] [mating press] [impregnation]

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So, when will this get its own anime?
I'm amazed nobody picked it up yet considering it has all the right stuff to be a decent shonen adaptation.
>Supernatural modern day setting based on yokai and Chinese Zodiac
>Super powered fights and action interspersed with comfy slice of life as well as a light dash of political drama.
>Cute girls. Cute girls with animal ears.
Seriously what gives?
Dog = Rat > Older Dog > Ox = Cat > Monkey > Tiger > shit >>>>>>>> Rabbit
I will fight you on this.
Uramikoi thread.
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What else has been adapted from Joker recently? I don't remember anything they have/had that's been adapted past 2014.
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There's the danmachi spin off Sword Oratoria this season.
Wasn't that just an ad-aptation for the LN? I guess they would have rights but it isn't really an IP.

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Use the catalogue

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Why doesn't Berserk publisher release a color version of the volumes like DBZ?
I bet it would sell like hotcakes.
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Colored manga looks like shit in 99% of the cases, only capefags want everything colored.
No it doesn't
Hotcakes don't even sell

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6 episodes of WTF did I just watch
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one of the deepest and most artfully done allegories for growing up and arguably the best thing gainex has ever done 4
>WTF did I just watch
>can't figure out a show for 18+ y/o with 13- y/o mentalities
I guess you should go back to /mlp/ for your moving pictures.
It starts making sense when you rewatch it.

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U-M-R! U-M-R! UMA janai UMARU!
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New hotness
We know you're not a horse.

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Ch. 870 Parting

"Come out Bege" a raging BM screams.
Chiffon sticks her head out the window to try to persuade BM, but her faces exactly resembles Lola's, which further enrages BM.
BM's children watch her current state carefully. It appears they plan to capture them all in one fell swoop when they're thrown out of the crumbling castle.
Luffy sees the suffering Bege and attempts to charge out the castle but is prevented by Nami.
Now that they have the poneglyph copies and have rescued Sanji's family, there's no point in putting in rushing himself out there.

She persuades him that it will be okay to fight once they meet up with Zoro and the others.
Capone says that here is only one way to escape from this predicament.
That is while they are in the Bege's body, Bege turns back into a human and is carried away by Caesar through the sky.
Caesar explains that that is impossible since they are surrounded by many Busoushoku Haki users.

Judge questions Sanji they were saved.
Zeff appears in Sanji's mind.
Sanji: "My father would have been saddened. He would be appalled at the small kind of man that would ridicule the death of their own family. I won't live a life where I am not able to face that person. 13 years ago, the Sanji Vinsmoke that ran away from Germa died on the seas. Therefore recognize this! You are not my father, Judge Vinsmoke!"

Judge hears Sanji's words and promises to never come close to the East Blue again.
On top of that, he vows that Germa will stall for time until Caesar can run away.
Bege undos his castle. Ichiji blocks countless number of bullets that come flying in.
Reiju flinches from BM's attack, but Luffy and Sanji come out from Bege's body and back her up.

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>literally needing Zoro to beat a Yonko
>Zoro and the others*

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Episode 13
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>New OP and ED.
>Back to real world.
>Memories being fake or not...
>"Michiru" and that girl who just "revived" met...
>Mansion lived by old man with cats.
>New CM w. New ED revealed. I think I like the new ED more (more suitable) than OP1 and ED1 ever since I listened to it when single out.
>Cats with no name. He prefers numbers. >Writing down the truth is his power, and the society calls it "Scenario".
>The talk among the society is interesting. >"Scenario" (truth) cannot be changed with Reset. >MC was able to do so with the help of Reset because he experienced before and went back to prevent it.
>Memory of the old man and the shrine girl when she's a bit younger... use of the candies to choose what to write. Correct thing for her is cat.
>Both of them are similar in not naming the cats. >True blue and fake blue? And Bless?
>They met each other. By looking through the books, the society is afraid of important information leaking.
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>>New OP and ED.

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Magazine info uploaded, profile for KuMeYu characters
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Can't wait for faceless yuusha drones getting slaughtered.
That headless thing is a specific equipment for "commanders" of 8, leading the survey team of 32 ppl

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Previews out. Episode in 48h.
Place your bets: Double Reincarnation End, or Double Suicide by isolator end?
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>Double Reincarnation End, or Double Suicide by isolator end
Isolator isn't the suicide end. The suicide end is zaShunina and Shindo killing each other as the Capulets and Montagues do.

And the journalists/military haven't done anything either. So maybe Shindo and zaShunina find an agreement and then the military comes in to kill them all. Or kills zaShunina and no one else.
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>Shindo lost his shirt somewhere

Gotta say, Dogakobo really threw a homer with this show.
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Gabu > Vigne > Raphi > Satanya
rub a dub damn, praise satan for this melonpan

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Is okey for girls to love each other? What are your thoughts /a/?
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