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How come Guts didn't make Casca orgasm?
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Tiny penis.

Griffith is hung like a horse.
He couldn't.

Donovan, on the other hand, could've done so easily if he didn't possess the thinking man's fetish, that being interracial non-consensual homosexual pedophilia.

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You all hate everything Japan makes right? If you nuke it again would they start making what you like?
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>You all hate everything Japan makes right?
No. Unironic Japanophobes are cancer, and ironic ones are too because of Poe's law.
You're thinking of /v/.
If America hadn't nuked Japan, anime as we know it today would not exist.

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Dead series
Those fucking hands

ITT: Shit anime with a good character.
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ITT: Good anime with a shit character.
Zeto Kaiba

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This is secretly the best Gundam. It is poorly received because many retards could not follow the plot.
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Was Buddy Complex F91 done right? Pic related, it's Iron Mask.
don't you have literally an entire board for this
this /a/ isn't for anime & manga it's about posting memes and template threads go post anime threads on another board

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Would anime be better off following normalfag tastes and sensibilities?
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this is how anime movies survive
tvs are for people who actually watch this tv, first time around, and who will go and support LN or manga it was based on for more content
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>most anime movies are compilations or sequels to TV anime
Mari Okada (occasionally)
Satoshi kon
Kenji Kamiyama,

Depends on what kind of normalfaggotry you're implying.
Sobstories, romance, simple drama - yea, we already getting a film or two like that every year. Shitty attempts at animated doramas lead to Glasslip
Action flicks filled (unironically) with toxic masculinity? Capeshit is already getting awfully popular. Ironic weebs are the worst.
Simple psychological slightly art-house movies? Now that is what i would like to see more of

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What was the point of this?
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To shill a now dead mobage
They tried to make it original and not cliche.
Say whatever you want, MC faltering and getting corrupted was fucking awesome.

This is Yukika, the divine slayer of homosexuality and fujoshi. Say something nice about her!
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16 years locked up with a mindbroken fag and she doesn't want to destroy the world? Unrealistic.
I feel nothing but pity for her.
>Born for the sole purpose of acting as a living weapon
>Raised in complete isolation with only your gay uncle for company
>Never met your parents until they needed you to fulfill your duty as said living weapon
kado fucking won

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Not my mother...so it's fine right...?
I farded than pooped
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My Mom Can't Be This Thicc

This is a show that I was introduced to through the memes, and then eventually understood through osmosis, and then found myself actually watching out of morbid curiosity. I probably don't need to explain why this one's a horror show, but I did find it interesting enough that even when you remove its unambiguous, pedophilic nature, it's still a black hole of entertainment. Behind the sleazy curtain is a story about the magic of writing light novels, with the main character getting into personal competitions with his peers over who can write the most interesting story at increasingly superhuman levels. I love stories like that, but I hate this one. I'm sure there exists someone out there who can sell that romantic affection for light novels, but this show just stands as another example of how insipid they can be. I was embarrassed on characters’ behalf. Again, that's this show's problem even when the main character isn't perving over his 12-year old step-sister. Bad show.
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Eromanga-sensei is AOTS and you should feel bad for disliking it.
Nice blog.
Thanks for letting us now how you feel about it.

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>every chimera ant arc thread is about meruem and pitou
>no shaiapouf appreciation thread
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Because Pouf is a puff.
Shaiapouf was the true villain of the arc
this. The arc climax is not Netero vs Meruem, is Meruem telling Pouf to fuck off.

This is your Kaiji for today.
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Don't use Kaiji for shitposting

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>ywn get to serve your snobby Ojou-sama.

Why live?
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To celebrate not having some cunt order you around.
Your pleb taste is just not refined enough. Ojou-samas are top tier.
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But she would be an awful choice

No one did it better.
Prove me wrong.
Oh wait you can't.
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>not being a teacher who marries all his female students
Did they make bebes?
Don't forget that one male student too.

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I love Emilia
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Claire a best. A BEST.
she has a daughter...

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