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>static playing during Megishima's "flashback"
What did they mean by this?

Are we missing plot crucial details to this cooking manga?
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(Also why is Rindou talking about Souma in a way that implies she is him)
The static just means that it's a bad memory for Rindou. Probably the first time someone said they didn't give a shit about her.

What will this end up being?
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I'm calling the police.
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Is this the first time Sanrio has gone lewd?
Fun fact /yoi/ unlike burgerland the rest of the world is mostly uncircumcised . This means Bald, Fat and everyone else except Taco probably have natural turtle necks
>this is a psa by the animu lewd network
Dat anus. Easier access?

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Orchestr/a/ Season 3 - My Lips Are Moving On Their Own!
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw-wnENVmOo
FLAC: https://mega.nz/#F!ExsWTTrA!pHN-49ckyCN8DNzL1_9azQ
MP3: https://mega.nz/#F!9oNRALTK!i3IDuaGfzR4bSrLZNKW47A
Mediafire mirror: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/737cataj7jbc5/

It's here! Another year of shitty anime covers. Love, your friendly chinese cartoon tooters.
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We're already looking ahead to Season 4. If you want to contribute to next year's project, drop by http://jibunwooo.com/
Musicians, arrangers, mixers, and drawfags are always appreciated.

There will be a livestream of the album at 9 PM EST.
Postan on epic bread.
yee boi

Why is Nero such a bitch?
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because that's her character trait
they each get one, and that's that
She actually just liked eating a lot in season 1. Then season 2 downplayed that and made her money hungry and a jerk in general, which was an improvement.
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her head look like a ASS
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Your head looks like an ass
There's a meaning behind it.
wow your right

What do you think of the dub?
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Check these dubs
I watched the latino dub of the first OVA and Lotte and some of the older side-witch teachers were the only characters who had a very fitting voice.
Haven't watched it dubbed.

This is a cute anime though

itt: Anime (including dub) voice actors who ended up way different than you expected or possibly fell off the deep end
Link related. Gendo Ikari's VA has seen better years
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Friday night is here, let us party the night away together! Post gif/webm of dancing anime girls!

Come listen to EDM tunes and anime remixes straight from Japan, mixed live by our best DJs!
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Please tell me Theta will be OK
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She's gonna get clowned
she won't be and we all know it. it's going to be fucking brutal as well. his nen power is going to make regular torture seem humane and he's going to use it on her first.

remember how chrollo could preserve that guy who had his body eaten and he couldn't die unless chrollo allowed it? it's going to be a torture ability like that on steroids
How old is she?

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ITT: Anime series that prove the 3 episode rule is still valid

Starting with the most obvious
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What's wrong with watching anime dubbed? The japanese voices aren't recorded during animation, so it's not like in live-action series where something is lost. The only downside I can see is lacking honorifics or an otherwise bad translation. But that can happen with subtitles too, no?
Here's a comparison: https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1498857931772.webm
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Because the vast majority of dubs are done as cheaply as possible (which is saying something), and lack the talent, voice direction, or just wherewithal to get through their lines. There's more to voice acting than simply reciting lines; emotion can be felt across languages and it takes a lot of effort to coax a good performance out.

If it was something like Kojima personally directing Kiefer Sutherland, nobody would give a shit, but they don't. It's like listening to the Beatles in mono or stereo: one they personally mixed with care and craft, and the other they left to the engineers to do whatever with - which one do you want to listen to?
I'm posting in your thread, but I'm not give you a (You). Be satisfied.
>implying I'd spend the time to make a webm for a bait thread

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Hypothetically, say that you are the 大オレンジ President of the United States of America. One morning, you find out that aliens are corrupting little girls to extract energy from them and that in general, said aliens have a shit attitude towards humanity.

What do you do?

Hard mode: Pic your own country's leader.
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get out of /a/
Do what now?
My lawyer is ready

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Moldy communion wafers
salty milk and coins


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