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>wake up
>Umaru S2 is still happening
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>he doesn't know
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>Wake up
>Umaru S2 is still happening
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>wake up
>Umaru S2 is still happening
>Umaru S2 is still airing at the same time as this
Hammers has her work cut out for her to stay more popular than these two.

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I still can't deal with the fact that Vector Ball was cancelled. I was liking it so much, i was really loving to see Raiku's creativity with fantasy action in an universe that was not Gash Bell and now... it's no more.
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>tfw no deaf girl to scar for life
why live on this gay earth
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i dont actually hate but i sorta do bc if u didnt exist i would not know this fee;l ;_;

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Whatever happened to the scans?

Shit just got real.
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I can't read nip but I hope they didn't cancel it
We're waiting on them. I'm glad that Legosi got Sad Panda to come with him to rescue Haru.

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Waiting for another reboot to come around, how about you?
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only if it's the good honey who shows her boobs
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Now that's what I wanted to hear!
Go Nagai needs to do more Ecchi manga with fit girls.

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A report from Celebeat suggests that production for season 3 of "Code Geass" has already begun. A trailer for the trilogy films, which will all launch before the series debuts, reportedly indicated the release date of season 3. "2017 is the start of a new age!" is what the trailer pointed out, the publication reported. If the rumors are true, then the film trilogy should debut in the following weeks.

On the other hand, there are also rumors suggesting that the third season will air in 2018 or 2019.
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Ohgi did nothing wrong
He was an Eleven

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Spoilers soon
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Touken a cute.
Nips are saying hairu is back
Kanou seeks to create a stable 4-way hybrid chimera ghoul. He caused the RC oversecretion outbreak in the hopes of finding viable half ghoul potentials for his research. Shirazu is dragon, Gagi and Guge were used in experiments to fuse kakuho of different types.
Half ghouls have a greater potential to be chimeras, but due to only having one ghoul parent they're always single-types, unless a recessive RC-type from an older generation resurfaces.

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What was she thinking in this moment?
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preemptive post

everything below this line is trash

You missed a spot
>"I should have never been born"

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Super Mega Gourai soon.
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Wait, they're gonna make even more FAGs?
Jinrai is for sexual

Episode airs soon
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Most of us already saw it though
A complete insult to season one.
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Lion Dad.jpg
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Would you say that it is a complete insult to the Luck & Logic franchise?

Regardless Dogakobo is blowing it out of the park again.

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gross, dude
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fucking gaijins.jpg
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I hope the spammers get tired of themselves.

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What can you say about 12 year old characters like this?
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Eromanga sensei was a mistake
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>Would have been better if she was 7 years at least older so it wasn't creepy.

UBW somewhat bombed, will ufotable learn in its second time around? Do you think HF will actually have a good adaptation?
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I could honestly care less about the quality of the full product, I'm just hoping that ufo doesn't forget about the best scene out of the whole damn vn
i see what u did there
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This is all I really want to see, if only because we all know it'll be Realta they adapt.

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A stroke of genius meta-writing and artistic integrity disregarding revenue, or unnecessary boring bullshit?
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