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Why didn't body swapped Goku fight Zamasu? It's not like he hadn't been body swapped before. Given Zamasu was a roughly SS2-level strength kai, Goku should have had a decent shot at fighting Goku-Black.
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No joke, especially when his family was about to die. I guess power up through anger is strictly sayianin trait
Wouldn't he still know something like instant transmission? Would be easy to escape with Chichi and Goten, then get help from Vegeta or Beerus.
Dragon Ball AMV--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k5bD75plHA&feature=youtu.be

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an hero.png
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What was she thinking in this moment?
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preemptive post

everything below this line is trash

You missed a spot
>"I should have never been born"

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The Eclipse

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Literally every single girl except for Hibino is trash.

>Hikari generally treats him like trash

>Kyoko treats him like trash, is only not a huge dick when her ribbon is off but then she's even more annoying/she will try to murder him with her entire being

>Their older sister?/Cousin?/Bitch treats him like a loser weakling


And now it looks like a new girl who is Hibino's friend is going to just talk more shit about him in the corner.

Being Fudatsuki Kenji is suffering - if it wasn't for the light that is Hibino I would have dropped this awhile ago.
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will i at least be headpatted

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Hey /a/ what anime/manga are you watching/reading now?

Just ended Kiznaiver and starting Bokurano now right away
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Finishing up a few anime's that are ending now, going to catch back up with Dragon Ball Super. (stopped watching abound when Black Goku appears.)

Bokurano was an interesting watch, it's been awhile since I thought about it.
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Besides the ones currently airing/ongoing i started soul eater, first the anime end was shit but the trip was pretty good, also good animation too, and now i'm reading it, it's supposed to be better

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I'm late to the game but you fags got any new hxh memes from the new chapter?
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So I just caught up with this and it's pretty damn good. Let's have a thread.

>Favorite character
>Least favorite character
Sei's mom
>Favorite arc
The current one 2bh
>Least favorite arc
Don't have one
>Favorite General
>Least favorite General
That fat Zhoa Commander back during the Ouki arc
>Best of the Big 3 and their units (Shin, Ouhon and Mouten)
Shin, though he annoys me at times. Hi Shin Unit is the most exciting to watch

What's you predictions for next chapter and also, how the fuck did that Kou kid survive so many battles? Dude has been through shit since he was like 8 years old.
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Nothing much from me OP, every kingdom chapter just made me go "hmm, I see." or "This nigga(depends on what keikaku unfolding)".Its been a while I mostly remember what is happening at the moment when I read the chapter itself.
Why has Shin not gone through puberty yet?
He's gotten taller.

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So I had recently gotten the us release of Akito the Exiled but it seems that they didn't the 4 picture dramas like in the japanese release. You think someone could sub those four and at least in 720p format if possible?
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Yeah lemme just get on that bro

jesus christ
/a/ isn't your personal army, faggot.
Watch them raw like the rest of us.

Sperm bank best girl, always.
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Used and forgotten goods.
Her legs were the first legs I fapped to.
I've fapped to every part of her

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Only ironic Tomino fans like this show.
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Makes sense, Tomino himself doesn't like it
That meme again.
I'm not even a Tomino fan but I like this show purely for the fights and the lack of stock footage. The plot itself was messy and Zanscare was just another Zeon, and the characters were all inconsistent and unpredictable except for Uso, and even he was just an average protagonist.

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Does anyone else remember Cyborg Kuro-chan or am i just being ignorant? And is it good or garbage?
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I remember watching this show in cantonese dub. The series was much more comedic and violent in the first season, then they tried doing a serious arc in the desert that got really long and boring. I still think it was a pretty neat show, but it really does not belong in today's times at all.
I hate this word but I nerd to sue it.
It's Nino, pure kino.
Kuro-chan is best anime cat.
The japanese Felix the Cat is awesome, watch it.

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Why are JCs so much cooler than JS?
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are these acronyms the new 'niwaka' seriosuly, you weebs need to off yourselves.

I traced your IP and called the police, OP. FBI alerted, saged, and reported, and I emailed Hiro about this post.

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she actually has a 2D husbando

is she our girl?
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She's 2D, that's not possible.

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