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what does satania smell like?
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stick your head in the nearest trashcan and find out
I hope brimstone

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I'm thirsty.
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Same, I think I'm going to get some some tea. What will you get?
I was thinking of chocolate milk, but I'm all out of chocolate powder.
S'up thirsty.

Why was Gohan so poorly written?
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Are you kidding me it's because of fans like you form a different nation. Look the Original script storyboard or whatever was that Goku was to be killed off an his son Gohan was supposed to take the mantle of the stories main protagonist.
Japanese fans were too attached to Goku to let him go....what a bunch of faggots
>OP points out the Gohan's Cell Saga characterization conflicted with his previously established behavior.

>Namefag/Gohanfag spergs out and starts rambling about how Gohan should've been the main protagonist after the Cell Saga ended, which has nothing to do with what the OP was talking about.

Stay classy, retard.

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Why is this middle schooler so sexy?
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Yuuutsu-kun to Succubus-san.png
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Both she and the angel are terrible for him.

All the angel does is try and force him, and all the demon does is coddle him.
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What would be good for him, then? Other than maybe psychotherapy?
There isn't a good answer for that.

Companionship has been doing him a little bit of help, but he's still pretty stagnant. He's still in no position to try and reapply for a job or rejoin society though.

The angel spouting motivational quotes to hide her eating fetish doesn't help, but I can't help but feel the demon isn't really doing much either.

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Love him or hate him, but you cannot deny the impact Gen Urobuchi has had on the industry.
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He looks like a rice farmer.
Thought this was LowTeirGod for a second.

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What the hell happened to Kubo in the final arc?
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He was litterall to stop pandering about shitty secondary plots and get to the real deal before the fandom completely dies out, editors, you know.
Nothing happened. He was always a hack.
Kubo was getting ready to reveal his own bankai, but then the fans and editors got tired of him and made him cut everything abruptly

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What's the point in the MC being amazing at everything? Too many light novel adaptations have these boring protagonists
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Stop reading LN adaptions then.
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> light novel

Unfortunately, most new series are adapted from light novels, especially anime. It's only going to get worse. 2018-2019 will have a great wave of more isekai adaptations than you've seen in your life, and it won't stop.

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ITT: Underrated or overlooked master pieces
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Watched it yesterday and loved it. However, it seems pretty hard to discuss rare anime around /a/ because the current airing ones and the classicals/more popular ones always get the highlights, really hurting any possibility to find rarer and greater anime discussions around here
It's lovable and fun but it wasn't that good.

But while we're discussing it - one thing I don't get is why Koto's mother has to hide away? The Mirror City was the forbidden creation wasn't it? Even if she was held accomplice I don't see how she couldn't hide in plain sight and get see her daughter grow up.
The PV was the best part.

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black siblings.jpg
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15 hours until the first episode airs.

Are you excited?
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Confirms u have shit taste
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The fuck is this? Studio? Plot? Relevance?

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>Lala's middle name Satalin, might be a reference to Satan. This pattern can be seen in her sisters' and father's names, too.

Post literal semen demons.
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Best to love ru girl
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I thought it was a reference to Stalin

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ITT: Disturbing/odd deaths
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Kamen rider?
SNK has some pretty disturbing ones. Brave people screaming and crying as they're eaten alive.



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She's gonna die isn't she?
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Mitsuki best boy
Inojin best girl
mitsuki sumire OTP
Mitsuki x Ugly fat men OTP

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