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Are you enjoying your cute light hearted romantic comedy?
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>when horror artists write comedy

Didn't realize it the first time, geeze
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I miss chinese electric batman.
S3 when?
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you mean S2 friend
Denying Gemini of the Meteor would mean denying the excellent OST that came along with it and the OVAs.
I'm not about to do that.
Only if Amber is still alive.

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Will he finally have a break?
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He'll get regular breaks so he can eat cookies
The only breaks he'll get will be in his bones when he wrongfully tries to challenge the heroic demon Coronzon.
Yes. On Christmas. Where he'll have to break up a fight between Misaka and Misaki after they escape.

This is Harukaze Doremi.
She likes steak, cute boys and hanging with her friends.
Say something nice to her
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She looks gorgeous with her hair down.
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literally perfect
Doremi is a good mom.
Also this
Your raw quality seems off.

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All hail the Queen of Pixiv
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Pixiv is trash, we all know twitter is where the nips post most frequently these days.
Are you fucking for real?

Also isn't she the queen of cuck/vanilla doujins?

Why is natsuki so loveable!?
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At least witches with guns will stay free from Netflix's ruinous touch.
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Should these threads be stopped before they devolve into autism central?
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Which girl is better?
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Both are shit.
The left because she'd produce more viable offspring

The one who is an angel.

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Tfw you swore you'd never take a waifu and now you have one.
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N+1, my friend.
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Tfw your waifu is ashes.
is that babe your waifu? who is she regardless

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Is Hisoka destined to be a failure
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Friendship between men is such a beautiful thing
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Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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Did I miss the dump?

Is any group picking up Kakegurui/? Unfortunately it's an Amazon show, not even with simulcast
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Did we get fucking monkey paw'd? Finally Funi is dead and CR is losing relevance, but now we have shit like Amazon delay subs, Anime Network with watermarked yellow hardsubs, and Netflix being completely fucking retarded.
Amazon just can't get it right. They either release episodes before or way too after the japanese broadcast
Yup, we didn't know how good we had it before

I'm currently rewatching Death Note because the new movie is coming out and I would call and early episode (aroind episode 5) where light was identified of European descent. I'm unable to track that down at this point but does somebody recall where this happened?
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Early on I think
read the manga, save time
also art is really good

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Haven't seen a thread about this manga, or barely any discuss about it, why is not more popular on /a/? what are your thoughts on it?
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Slow updates
isn't one chapter per week? that doesn't seems slow at all.
>barely any discuss about it


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