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trap thread
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I'd fuck this dude
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You can start watching Maruko now, /a/.
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Thanks OP, I was waiting for your permission.
Fucking finally. Do you know how long I've been anticipating watching it?
>It's a Sakiko episode

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It really isn't that good. EoE is great, but overall I prefer the Rebuilds to the original series.
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This is the truth.
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What did he mean by this?
>It really isn't that good.
It really is. But that doesn't mean everyone in the world will like it. You just didn't like it that much.

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Where are the new chapters of Jagaaaaaan?
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How can one idle be so perfect?
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This week Gaarmageddon invades to steal the new girl.
I'd be hyped if we were allowed to talk about it. Which apparently we aren't.
If this one gets deleted then the next thread should say "next episode of Pripara in x hours"
Where did the other thread go?
Why are they getting deleted now?

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Did you finish it too? I'm feeling shit right now because the best girl died. What happened to Willem? Why is the story so incomplete? Goddamn. I'm mad.
>best girl died
Ren lived though
Elaborate please.

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Which shows end with the big bads being forgiven for all their crimes and getting everything they wanted?
In short which show has the coolest guy?
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Also from the same show, this guy.

>killed Third Hokage
>killed countless unnamed others
>lethal and decidedly inhuman experimentation
>goal is to be immortal
>sealed by Sasuke and finally killed by Itachi

[insert ninja war here]

>forgiven for all crimes because he brought back the four previous Hokages, including the one he killed
>is asked to make a congratulations video for Naruto's wedding
>is allowed to roam the world and experiment as he wishes, only being followed by wood guy
>is now a joke character
Good thread
Orochimaru did actually give an explanation for this in one of the episodes. He pretty much said they were keeping them around because they were inhuman fucks in case the need ever arose to use them as weapons against some enemy the good guys couldn't understand.

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Hitoshi Shinso appreciation thread
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Well, I'll admit he's a better man than I. The little fucker is pure.
I always thought /fa/ was bluffing about dark circles until I saw him. But then again, everyone's attractive in 2d.
this was such a fucking based scene Jesus Fuck

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4 CUT HERO.jpg
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Where to read the rest of this without paying?
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Quick question... Does this mean she killed a American fighter pilot?
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Abyssals are not americans, for the last time.
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>Kantai Collection Collection
You see, I get a very awkward feeling from this fan art where I have to stand back and re evaluate my appreciation for something that is potentially very terrible.

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>MC and FeMC actually want to fuck
>cute alien doing cute alien things
>true alien form isn't just a cute humanoid girl
>turbo lewd

CUUUUTE! Is anyone going to pick this up?
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Right now not even Youkai Shoujo is being translated.
That's because the TL pussied out due to it getting licensed. Also the last few chapters were very unsatisfying.
Wasn't this just a One shot? It got serialized?

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This is the best anime ass I've ever seen. It's cute, it has curves and Rin herself is really cute as well.

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/e/ might be better for this desu
Lewdest loli but not even best lolibutt.

Kuro's butt is better.
>Kuro's butt is better
Pic or GTFO

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同社は、ソニー・ミュージックエンタテインメントの100%子会社で、アニメを中心とした映像作品の企画製作販売を手がけている。『Fate』シリーズや「物語」シリーズや、『アイドルマスター』、『アイドルマスターシンデレラガールズ』、『黒執事』、『銀魂』、『デュラララ!!』、『七つの大罪』、『NARUTO -ナルト-』、『魔法少女まどかマギカ』、『夏目友人帳』など多数の人気作品を抱えている。スマートフォンアプリについて、『Fate/Grand Order』と『バンドやろうぜ!』を手がけているが、『Fate/Grand Order』(15年8月リリース)が通年で寄与し、今回の業績拡大をけん引したものとみられる。
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literally all F/GO
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The largest source of income
[email protected]
The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Black Butler
Natsume's Book of Friends
So is Mappa not making any money on Yuri on Ice!!?

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Find a flaw.
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Not wearing shimapan
>Find a flaw.
Not being Satsuki

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FLCL 2.png
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Looks like FLCL to me.
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