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Why isn't this a real thing
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Dude what the fuck I want a dildo from Amazon

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So this guy was the villain right? He literally got everyone killed because of his retarded plans and ended up with a shittier version of peace than the one Euphie proposed.
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>Japan is still an occupied nation
>every other nation is still fucked
>everyone gets turned to goo anyway when Charles enacts Instrumentality
I'm positive Charles evil plan was added in a rush when they realize how much Lelouch fucked up. It's a post hoc justification for why he was still right after getting all his family killed because he's a bitch boy with daddy issues.
Yes, and then no

Watched the first episode and thought it was interesting so I downloaded the rest. I just finished episode 6 and what the fuck this show is trash. Should I bother finishing this?
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Yes, because you already started it.
Otherwise, your dad would be right about you.
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But sensei replies, "Yes, more."
It's pretty generic but it's fun. Not as trashy as an ecchi harem but still poor in plot.

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eren the mechanic.jpg
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Spoilers soon.
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By soon you mean never.
Marley is just greater Israel and the Eldians are the last Europeans.
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Out of my wall, payaso.

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>52,017 GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation
>41,970 Idolmasters Gekijou
>*9,353 Eromanga Sensei
>*7,876 Starmyu S2
>*6,603 SnK S2
>*5,329 The Royal Tutor
>*4,685 Natsume's Book of Friends
>*3,305 sin Nanatsu no Taizai
>*2.485 Roku de Nashi
>*2,270 Re:CREATORS
>*1,434 Sukasuka
>*1,392 Sword Oratoria
>*1,102 Busou Shoujo
>**.823 Fukumenkei Noise
>**,742 Tsugumomo
>**,721 Clockword Planet
>**,368 Renai Boukun
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6,603 SnK S2
File: 1488015772574.gif (1000KB, 500x525px)Image search: [Google]
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>>*6,603 SnK S2
Well, nothing surprising.

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>his favorite studio can't produce TV anime with movie tier quality
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Excessive Animation.webm
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>Movie animation
I'll take TV tier quality thank you very much
why is she walking like that?
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laughing kemonos 2.jpg
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His movie tier anime got outshined by a shitty cgi flick

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So how much of an edgelord does he become?
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Not much. He gets his ass kicked and some sense knocked back into him fairly quickly.
1 arc, this isn't like your favorite series where a character stays an edgelord for the whole series.
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He doesnt

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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What does /a/ think of Popee?
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as a representative of /a/ I will say little. now go back and tell reddit how things went

How big is too big?
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That's far too big already
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gundam sized is where i draw the line
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Milly is yet another case of tall only when compared to Japanese women, she's not even 6 feet tall. Personally I'm not into giantess but as long as the character is somewhere within the realm of realistic human height it's fine.

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I will never not be mad.
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Did he do something wrong?
Aside from him and everyone else apparently collectively forgetting that scene even happened?

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Would you a root girl?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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363 spoilers in 5 minutes
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Just finished Chimera Ants
I have a hole in my chest, Meruem did nothing wrong
yea, neither did pitou

Is Tap-chan a Cyberpunk?
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Tapris is a sexpet.
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My girlfriend Vigne is so intelligent.

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Why was Rin such a bitch to Sakura throughout Heaven's Feel? Sakura was her sister and Shirou wanted to save her, so what was her deal?
>Your life sucked? Big deal.
>My life wasn't that great either.
What the hell?
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I think you mix stuff up; rin was the girl killed by kakashi; sakura had no sister.
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Because all the F/SN girls are combinations of two Tsukihime girls. Rin in HF inherited the witch-hunting sycophant bitch part from Ciel.
Her idea about it was just to immediately go to "Welp, the ends justify the means" and just kill Sakura. If Sakura was going on a huge murderous rampage, it didn't matter what she wanted. Sakura had to be killed.
Helping Shirou by keeping her alive was like keeping a huge bomb just ticking instead of deactivating it for Rin.
Whether it was her sister or not, Rin wanted to put her own emotions aside and kill Sakura before she was able to kill dozens of people.
But Heaven's Feel is all about why this mentality is wrong

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