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Waifus you had when you were 14 years old
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Try to keep thing fresh. I'm sick of monotonous people keep posting kay or keith
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can someone fucking translate this already? fuck
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Can't you just learn japanese? Fuck.
most of it is on km. maybe you should learn japanese
>just learn 3 fucking alphabets goy

>police girl will never crush your face with her barefoot after a long day at work

Seriously whats the point in life?
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>posting worst Seras
Jesus fucking Christ, anon...
Actually, it's the only Seras rel picture I have

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Is he Jojo's most heroic character?
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>not posting brOkayasu
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SAO is a good girito very relate able character to be quite desu
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Are you seeking medical attention?
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listen guy if you think you can just crash here in this discord server and type up all that ad homie garbage your dead wrong kiddo because I happen to possess administrative power

Was it rape?
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she didn't say no.
Cant argue with that logic.

I should really go out and meet mute women.

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>mfw a shit manga finally gets an anime then other people on /a/ start shitting on it too
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Did anyone watch the preview?
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>koichi not a manlet
Probably not gonna be bad at all. But they sure as fuck spoiled everything in the ALL the PVs and CMs. I don't care if half of the internet and Japan watched or read Part 4 already. That's just fucking fanny.
Why is this a thing?

Josuke's hair actually looks like shit here too

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I have mixed feelings about this manga. On the one hand, I'm glad Kurosawa was able to grow as a person, save Kitahara, and ultimately find happiness in his own way. On the other hand, I was deeply saddened, angered, and confused at Takigawa's decision to date Nagaoka. I understand that in order to grow you must endure hardships that ultimately broaden your horizons, in this case Kurosawa's misunderstanding of Takigawa's kindness, however, why didn't he end up with Kitahara, a person who was like himself? Why end up with Suwagawa, who bullied Kitahara? The only reason I can come up with is the courage Kurosawa found to change was in order to experience an entity which was completely unlike himself and to serve as an example for Kitahara. I honestly did think he was going to end up with Takigawa. It made me feel as though only those truly kind, people who have a purpose in life, or those that have the strength of will are able to bring about their own happiness.

Beautiful, funny, a bit forlorn, and an extremely well-written manga. 10/10 Go read it if you haven't already.
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When it comes to romance, Molester man is a better. Make sure to read that as well.
I have met some persons similar to Kitahara. Those people have shitton of victim complex and will take advantage on any person showing some human decency to them.
Bullying is always bad but sometime the bullied persons aren't worth saving too.
Who hasn't read OMK by now

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Does anyone here have any info on God Sider?

The only info I was able to gather on it is that is started publication in 1987, the main character is named Reiki Kikoku, and it has something to do with demons

The main character was playable in the crossover game "Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden" so I assume the series must have been somewhat popular back in the 80s, but no I can find anything about it

No scans, no character info, no plot synopsis

Anyone have any info?
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Post the most depressing series you have watched /read. Pic related. It's Rainbow
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Strongest Man Kurosawa
Too bored too post images but Punpun and Solanin fucked me up pretty hard

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Whats the standard of anime nowadays anyhow?
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You posted a screenshot of a literal chinese cartoon.

Ready for the second episode of the worst anime of the season?
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>implying the wost anime of the season isn't Battle Girl High School
Is it worse than Classroom of the Elite? That show seems to have a rather shitty premise and the MC's voice acting is horrendous (no idea if that's intentional or part of his character, though).
This series HAS to be a parody of isekai shows.

There is no way it is meant to be taken seriously, right?

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ITT we post an image referencing something, others guess what it is
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too soon man

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