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I have a huge UDL debate tomorrow. I have the following resolution:

Resolved: “The U.S. federal government should increase immigration to promote greater U.S. economic growth.”

I need serious help making CON arguments. PLEASE HELP!!!
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I believe the popular counterargument is "they took our jobs"
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wan piss mun.png
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>wanting con arguments against increased immigration from /his/ when /pol/ exists
OP is a nigger

Atheism+Classical Music+No Porn+Communism+No Abortion and other SJW shit+No LGBTI+No sex before marriage+Patriotism+No racism+Science+History+Philosophy
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>Atheism+Communism+no racism
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No freedom of speech+Secret police that arrest you if you question the government+Famine+Most casualties in ww2

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You know what to do /pol/.


Are the differences in race mostly cultural? (Ex: Blacks culturally calling other blacks who are intelligent/study/happen to hang out with whites, uncle toms/lame to shame them)

Or are Whites just genetically superior in intelligence?
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World hunger is a cultural thing too.
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Here's my argument.

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how do you think he feels knowing his old website is now the alt-right epicenter?
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Considering one of the last things he did on the site was make /pol/ unusable for a couple weeks?
He's got a stable paycheck working for (((Google))) now. I don't think he gives a shit.

We should be more concerned with what Gook Moot thinks desu.
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We need to make this happen /pol/!
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the manlett jew would wipe the floor clean with david duke.
Not if Duke uses facts. But Shapiro is a better wordsmith.
fucking this

we need to make it happen

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McMuffin btfo
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No shit? I guess he finally found out who that guy was.
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holy fuck lmao

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ads for weak willed cucks.jpg
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YOU people are the problem. You refuse to accept obvious reality and truth. Alcohol is bad. Smoking is bad. Drugs are bad. Sugar is bad.
I dont care how much time and money and emotion you have invested in these mind numbers and life destroyers. I will not sit idly by and let you people stay comfortable in your insane beliefs that these things are in any way acceptable.

If you drink Coca Cola, you are making a mistake. I will this this once and for all, there is no debate. There is no room for discussion. Accept it or face a life or illness, diabetes, hair loss, irritability, emotional issues, low motivation.

If you take drugs, you should just accept that your life is eternal mental masturbation and never talk to other people again who are here to actually accomplish things in life. Go die in some corner and leave actual humans to do the work that keeps this world spinning.

If you drink alcohol, you are a weak willed beta. Just admit it, don't fight this. You know that you only started because of group pressure and now you can't stop. You know goddamn well that you don't drink alcohol for the taste. There are a billion different beverages, don't tell me that you have to drink things that have tasteless cell poison in it because of its taste. Just stop. Stop now. Never look back. Grow a pair.

If you smoke, you are beyond help. It is so utterly obviously stupid, I question whether I can call you human. It's like smashing a rock against your face and wondering whether that's healthy.

I have included the picture to demonstrate that half of you weak willed beta cucks will instantly feel a modicum of desire to smoke just by reading somebody telling you to do so.
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Actually, sugar is good but not in large amounts, like any sodas.

Other than that you are completely right.
I'll respond after I go out for a ciggie
I will never stop posting anti-alcohol threads.
I will never stop posting anti-smoking threads.
I will never stop posting anti-drug threads.
I will nevers top posting anti-sugar threads.

Definition of 'politically incorrect' is as follows:

"not avoiding language or behavior that could offend a particular group of people"

> https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/politically%20incorrect


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Hanson to reveal 36 candidates. This is happening boys, based Pauline is going to make Australia great again.
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Wish I was born an Aussie desu.
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The scumbag media will try to pick them apart.
Well she better hurry the fuck up

I can't stand this Lib-Labor-PM-Backstab cycle. They are ruining the country trying to stay in power

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Ok guys, I liked Trump when he was running and I definitely think he was the right choice over Clinton, but this fucking guy:

- Has made public statements against net neutrality even though the internet (wikileaks, /pol/, Brietbart) won him the election
- Is appointing (((them))) to his cabinet in droves
- Literally can't shut the fuck up on Twitter and frequently bants below the bar if you ask me, making an ass of himself

Like, please tell me I've been misinformed because this guy is shaping up to be just another run of the mill Republican jackass...
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>I totally supported Drumpf and now I'm having buyer's remorse!

Literally everyone who says this didn't support Trump in the first place.

>Not Bait, Just Concerned
it's called concern trolling

lurk more

Not an argument.

>A couple are accused of making sexual videos with a dog, according to court paperwork.

>A relative brought a camera containing videos of the wife allegedly engaging in sexual acts with the dog into a police station in Pennsylvania.

>According to Clearfield County court documents, police found four videos showing Mrs Harris attempting to have intercourse with the dog.

>Footage reportedly shows Mrs Harris attempting sexual intercourse with the...
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Not much else to do there, in Pennsylvania
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this the couple

Should've made it a road trip to Canada, at least they wouldn't get jail time.

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When did you grow out of atheism /pol/?
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In my mid twenties, like most people.

Was a full on turbo autist too, used to read The God Delusion in park benches hoping someone would come and 'debate' me. God I was a faggot.

Never owned a fedora though, and I wasn't fat, so I wasnt your typical atheist.
T.S. Eliot lived and died a devout christian.
>be kid
>hate going to church because its boring
>in teens
>start to question the narrative
>tell parents whats the point of going to church if dont actually follow the teachings
>they finally stop making me go
>spend time on weekends and weekdays instead hanging out with others

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Why is Malaysia so superior to Indonesia?
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because of it being a major british trading zone for the east
Why do no Indonesians post here? They're always on /int/.
indons hate talking about politics

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He just wants to help put an end to fake news by funding the entire fake news epidemic and then funding the backlash against it.

A true hero.
Why won't he just fucking die already
The Chosen never die. They inhabit new bodies, like that film Freejack.

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Good he's a cuck who can't even into conservative comedy right
how can we donate?
That's what you get for making fun of a kike

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Who here /tired/?

I cannot even watch the news anymore, any interviews, debate with people, nothing. It almost seems so obvious the tactics and arguments people use in the MSM to try to sway and convert opinions.

I'm just /tired/. The MSM and its brainless zealots it produces are relentless in their assault.
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Same here, sad thing is the average person still buys it all.
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get a cookie and a get a coffee
biscotti or doughnut is fine too
Im tired of everything in the world. Memes, news, petty squabbles. Everything just wears me out. Not tired enough to kms tho

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Who are some of the best debaters out there /pol/?

I find watching videos of people with top tier debating skills like Ben Shapiro to be highly entertaining.
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Master debaters sounds like masturbators.
Christopher Hitchens always comes to mind.
Tucker would mop the floor with this faggot

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Image says

>Shoot yourself with small bullets to acquire resistance for bigger ones

This is reatarded, it was proven vaccines are a leading cause of autism yet people inject viruses in themselves all the time.
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Op is a faggot.
>bullets = viruses
>therefore any logical argument that doesn't work for bullets must also not work for viruses
>Polish education
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I don't get vaccinated because I don't want autism and/or but allergies.

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WHITE KNIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
AceRimmer @AceRimmerTwitte Dec 3
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If you could gain an ounce of self-awareness you'd realize why people care about Russia tampering with the election. Putin doesn't care about free speed and just wants (((his guy))) in the white house.
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false cause
Pussy Riot was paid by Israel and the US.
Russia helped Trump? WTF, I'm a Hilldawg now!

>President Obama said today that he did not think Hillary Clinton was “treated fairly” during the presidential election.

>Obama was asked specifically during a news conference whether his former secretary of state lost because of Russia’s reported hacking of the Democratic Party and Clinton campaign computer servers. The president pivoted on that question, and instead lobbed a critic of the media. He said he found the coverage of Clinton “troubling.”

>“I think she's...
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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As opposed to whom?
File: 1465949255375.jpg (29 KB, 640x519) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Obama thinks the person he personally campaigned for was treated unfairly

Yup, no bias here
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>Looking ahead, President Obama said that perhaps he can give “counsel and advice” to the Democratic Party.

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