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someone just scammed me on ebay for 600€, as soon as she said that she would ship the package she disappeared, made her feedback private and stopped answering my messages. I paid via bank transfer so I have her IBAN and name(I don't know if it is real, but I think so). The bank is a local one with all the branches in a single city. Can anyone give me advice on how to find out how to contact her or where she lives so I can take better action when I report her to the police?
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The first step is to report her to Ebay.

Then always pay via PayPal and choose the option to pay later. That way if someone scams you like this again you get PayPal to chase them and your money hasn't even left your bank yet.

Also >>>/adv/
Contact eBay, your bank (maybe try a chargeback if possible) and whatever police force or fraud division you have.

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How do I get photoshop for free on mac?
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bump bois
The thread didn't even leave the front page.
pirate bay, obv

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Could someone please explain to me in detail how to solve problems like these with this two in a row bullcrap. I really don't get it and it's irking me. They try to explain to you in the game but I think it's explained bad; I still didn't get it. This is a game from Lumosity about basically setting up items in different probabilities. They have simple kind of problems to hard ones like this two in a row bullshit. It's still in its "early access" form, which is basically like it's a beta. This could explain why I keep getting the two in a row problems wrong, in which their correct answers are actually wrong, but I doubt it. It's most likely that I just don't get it. Please help.
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t = total objects, g = green / pink

prob of 1st ball = (t-g)/t
prob of 1st, then 2nd ball = (t-g)/t * (t-g-1)/(t-1)
prob of green = g / t

you want: prob of green = prob of 1st then 2nd ball * 4/9
g/t = (t-g)/t * (t-g-1)/(t-1) * 4/9

then just find all combinations of g, t where true

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Can someone tell me where this is from?
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Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Looking for anyone who has the torrent for this at 100% to come back to the swarm for a few minutes please. Put all of us stuck at 97.79% out of our collective misery. Thanks.

link: .si/view/71463
wiki: haruhi.wikia.com/wiki/The_Symphony_of_Haruhi_Suzumiya
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Can't help you with that, but I know some other links. They're in Russian though.
http://sos-dan.jino.ru/files/music/suzumiya_haruhi_no_gensou.zip — mp3 (183 MB)
http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3748867 — FLAC (2.45 GB)
http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2801905 — lossy version (908 MB)

Thanks friend. I'll take that flac rip over nothing.
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Also as a followup here is a youtube version if anyone is interested.


I can't remember the name of this song and it's killing me. All I can remember was that it had (I think) only one singer, male, and it was definitely 90s or later.
The one part I can clearly remember is an "I'm free!" punctuated by a guitar riff.
It sounded sort of like the Scorpions, but the lead singer's voice was deeper and they were obviously more electronic.
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Doesn't say "I'm" but says "free".

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This is probably a weird request, but I either need to find another one of these hats or the material to make one. It's a kingdom hearts branded heartless hat I bought from a hot topic about 6 years ago. I desperately need another. I have the means to make one, I just don't know where I'd find a pattern fabric like the white and black stripes. I can use a patch for the heartless logo and red thread to sew it, even the doodly bit at the top wouldn't be too hard to source, but I can't find a striped fabric like that. It was very soft and has different shaped stripes.
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This is the logo on the side.
There was only one in the shop. I've never seen on since
can you give me another pic of it, from the back maybe or laying flat or something?

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cool pepe.jpg
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Is it a good idea to change a laptop that came with windows 10 to linux? and what version would I use and how would I do it?
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If you are asking questions like that, I am sorry, but you probably won't be able to use Linux properly. It is far trickier to use than Windows and supports less software.

Sincerely, Windows User.
yes it's a good idea if you don't "need" any windows software(games, software for your work/education)
start by googling how to install ubuntu, then download an .iso and boot up a "live usb"(or dvd if you choose to use one) and test it out, if you like it, install.

less malware, better performance(usually), potentially less buggy. give it a shot.

sincerely, ex windows user.
mint is cozy

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Link to Akari's theme in Yuru Yuri? I've looked everywhere and went through the entire OST of the first season and couldn't find it. Is it just the eyecatch or what? I swear it was longer than 20 seconds
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Can someone change color of car to white, remove watermark/signature and blow picture up to high resolution, i want to print giant version and frame in my room. Thanks!
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>165 KB, 800x630
>print giant
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I know. He's asking for near impossible


I tried my best

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Hello friends, would anybody happen to have that set of screencaps from Patlabor where the guy is going "this is the real world, robots are not piloted by autistic teenagers" or something to that effect.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Please recommend me a good MMORPG to get me out of Old School Runescape.

My computer is kind of shitty about RAM, so I need something about the same as OSRS in terms of speed.

I like games with a lot of customization, because I hate when everyone's playing the same class/job, or wearing all the same equipment.

I'd like something with a relaxing pace that's somewhat involved, but isn't stupidly simple. Talking to people in-game is enjoyable for me as well.

My request doesn't have to be exact, but I'd suggestions close enough to my criteria.
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Tell me your computer specs
4GB RAM, 1TB memory, and 0.9MB internet speed.
With that internet speed have you thought about just switching to an RPG with a lot of content?

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anyone know the source for this crop? reverse image search provides nothing
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it's hikari/dawn from pokemon, but don't think that picture is from the anime itself (compare to http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1950756)

not seeing the picture on safebooru/danbooru (checked manually). maybe from a doujin?
I'd guess it's from a oneshot image. I'll check paheal later, since it might be from a western artist.
I'm assuming/hoping the source image is NSFW, so if someone can just post the artist or a link to the full image, I'd appreciate it.
Literally just go to Gelbooru and search for this:
hikari_(pokemon) sharp_teeth

Next time you have this problem try using the tag system of the boorus to your advantage.

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Need an app for Android that lets you play YouTube in the background because screw paying for red. Are there any? I have fdroid if I need to download one on it
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There is a an add-on for firefox that lets you do this-


Works well.
newpipe is on f-droid and is usually the one /g/ recommends

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Could someone make a pepe version of Ciri from Witcher 3 ? please I need it
Thanks in advance.
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