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How do I play 2K? I'm talking complete basics. I bought 2k14 because it was super cheap but I'm totally lost. Can't even beat rookie bots. There doesn't seem to be a tutorial online that's for complete beginners.
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Anybody has Konami's COMPOSERS album? It's really frustrating trying to find it because of it's name.
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How can I simplify?
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How about you try to do the product and see what it becomes, dumb shit? Did you really need to kill a thread for this shit that you could learn if you bothered to take 1 minute to look it up?


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Anyone got a gif from the intro to Sonic Adventure 2 where Knuckles does the weird biting thing? https://youtu.be/HdXBUk7l-X4?t=28s
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Thanks babe.
Made a better version

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Been looking at getting a DAC and an amp, for my headphones. Already have an amp picked out but still need a DAC.
If I were to get a DAC/amp combo, could I use just the DAC in it with the standalone amp, or should I just stick with a standalone amp?
Pic unrelated
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What device are you plugging the dac into? Does this need to be portable? Does this need to have its own power source? What's your budget? What headphones are you using? Do you need to support ultra low impedance headphones? What type of source files are being used? Your question is way too broad.

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do any of you guys have that image
of the fall of constantinople with the guy with the mace about to strike another guy asking him so where do you see yourserlf in 5 years?
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(Image is from
not constantinople)
i love you guys

What movie is this from?
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This is from the same source (can't tell if this is Paul Dano or not).
Malcolm in the Middle s06e01
Thank you Anon.

I need to write a couple of paragraphs for this. I'm not asking for the entire essay to be written for me (although that would be sweet) but it would be nice if someone could pick out things from the text and give me ideas.
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nvm did it

Can someone kind of expert recommend me good road bike brands and places to get a cheap but decent used bike.
I live in DC and am gonna be working as a delivery bike driver soon and need something reliable and quick I guess.
I'm looking on craiglist now. Looking to spend like 50 bucks if i can.
Tips and etc is all appreciated too.
Thanks guise.
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Better asking here: >>>/n/1102261

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Hi /wsr/, I have some FTP servers that I want to download large numbers of files from, but don't know how. Whenever I use an FTP client like Filezilla or Cyberduck, it keeps giving me a username & password prompt that I can't get past (I've tried leaving them blank and selecting anonymous login).
Here's the folder I'm trying to download for reference:
I can view it fine in Waterfox but can't in any FTP client. Also worth mentioning I know very little about FTP servers. Any help is appreciated.
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That is http not ftp. You can tell because it says http:, not ftp: . ftp program will work over ftp, not http.
Oh, ok. Do you know how I would go about downloading the entire folder?
any sort of 'website downloader'
eg curl, wget, etc. - depending on OS

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Does anyone have the full resolution version of this image or a link to a full rez one?

Thank you in advance!
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Hey /wsr/
I'm looking for a laptop with some specific features and was wondering what you'd recommend, features are as follows:
>standard laptop, no tablet/touchscreen bullshit.
>decent size screen (15" or more)
>performance oriented
>1080p screen resolution
>don't care about graphics driver, might as well be built in.
>(preferably not a gaming oriented laptop, i've got a pc for that)
>also under or around £600
If that isn't enough money for the specs just send one that is optimised for performance at that price range.
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thinkpad E or T series.

Imho some of the better laptops around.

thanks anon I'll check it out

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Need help in Unreal 4 Im making a mostly text based game using Hud widgets but I cant find out how to make the screen display large amounts of text without it just clipping off the screen.

I want a text box that the player will just read but I can only find single line text or and enter able field of text
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at >>>/3/ there's usually an unreal or questions thread

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Hey /wsr/, I've been having trouble with my computer for years now and I'm finally running out of ideas. I've kept the thing on life support but for the last couple days it's been brutal.

Let me explain what's wrong. Since 2014, my laptop has had a strange problem where it will freeze at random intervals. Sometimes it's because I move it or adjust the screen, sometimes it could be because I so much as breathe within a 500 mile radius. These aren't brief freezes either- I have to shut it down by holding the power button and restart.
Curiously, there would be times where after restarting, my computer would refuse to connect to internet or even acknowledge that any wifi exists at all (a red "x" icon where the wifi bars would be). It would take multiple restarts before it would reconnect again.

I have theorized that this is because of either the battery or the disk. Battery because I've had this thing since middle school and little me was stupid, not realizing that keeping a laptop charging 24/7 overcharges it. The disk because when it freezes, the disk light goes out and it occasionally does a disk check when restarting. Never finds a problem, though.

I do what I can to keep this thing alive- always making sure my drivers are up to date, scanning for viruses, cleaning off dust, etc., but for the last few days the freezing has got really constant, with its wifi connectivity issue in tow every time.

Is there anything I could do to at least reduce this problem without replacing the hardware? I can't afford to replace anything right now and if I have to do that I might as well just save up and build a better computer lol.

Pic supplied is a screencap of specs. It's an HP Pavilion TS Sleekbook 15, otherwise known as a "toaster."
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It's not possible to "overcharge" a laptop battery. You don't dictate when the laptop charges the battery, it does. The laptop is smart enough to stop charging the battery without overcharging it, and if it thinks it's going to overcharge the battery it will stop charging it, even though you've plugged a "charger" into it.

Actually overcharged lithium batteries go on fire, and your battery hasn't gone on fire.
You'll always get a disk check when Windows has started from a disk but not shut down again.

This doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the disk.
excuse me for not using the right word- what I mean is that if it's unplugged, it'll die in like 5 minutes.

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So I dropped my phone a while back and the screen cracked on the inside, not on the protective layer of glass or whatever, and the screen gets no image, just pitch black.

The phone still turns on, charges, etc.. but there's no visual display - also wondering if these means there's no touch feedback? It's a Samsung Galaxy A3 with a touch return button that still works, so maybe it's still touch sensitive.

Does anyone know a way to either access the phone files without putting in the pin and swipe code, or to somehow get the screen working again? Any phone shop I took it to said that it's a €100 fix...

Thanks in advance
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If it's just the photos you want, you can connect the phone to your computer with a USB cord then just open it up like any other external drive.

To get it working without fixing, you're probably a bit more SOL.

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