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Anyone has context to this webm?
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The kids were reportedly walking in people's yards.

The guy holding the kid is a plain clothes police officer.
>and then I pull out my gun
>those pathetic tries to pull out the pistol

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I'm looking for pretty much anything to read, books, comics, mangas, about suicide and heavy depression.

Already went through: Asano, Dazai, Plath, Aku no Hana, jsyk
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Subarashiki Hibi. It's a visual novel. Most chapters touch on suicide, especially Looking-glass Insects.
Oyasumi Punpun
In hentai realm there are actually pieces that deal with issues of depression and suicide in the most charming way. Explicit sex scenes are certainly involved, but having sex itself is not the "healing" vehicle. I actually think some of the the hentai artists are sometimes able to cut through the complexity of the matter and simply show that "just get together". Sex is a start, but then more important things matter. I sometimes wonder how much all of that is about artist's personal experience.

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Can anybody get raw video file on this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntPsRj0gRoM The sony jew blocked it on most NA and EUR websites but its still up in JP apparently. If you can get raw file would save me some time.

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Did you try getting it with convertfiles.com or a similar service?
error messages, presumably due to the copyright strike on SMEs part
here's what youtube-dl -f bestvideo+bestaudio gets me http://hnng.moe/f/UT3

Can I get some of your best reaction images?
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The story of my life, I met this cute girl at comiccon. We took some photos together had some laughs, and then we split. I did not asked for her facebook or anything, but now I want to talk with her again, since I could not think of anything at all how to find her I google imagine searched her photos, but the result came up literally said ''The best suggestion for this image: wig''
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If you didn't exchange contact info at the time it's best not to try and force follow-up contact. How would you feel if someone you just met somehow found out your personal contact info and asked to talk or whatnot? Pretty creepy mate. Just chalk this one up to a lesson learned and move on.
The one thing he could do that wouldn't necessarily come across as creepy is to ask the people on a social media site of his preference to share photos of him from comiccon far and wide, in hopes of attracting the girl's attention. Then she could contact him if she wants to.

Of course, there are various ways that could backfire, but it wouldn't have the obvious stalker vibes that come from tracking her down.
You guys... I was planning to say a simple "Hello, we met at comiccon, perhaps you've forgot me?'' If I ever find her. Is this so creepy?

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is anyone here with some audio knowledge able to separate the audio from the music in these clips.
i really need a clean unicorn gundam version of the newtype flash sound effect.
here's the audio clip https://clyp.it/axg2lb0c
and here's the music playing https://clyp.it/3ejj3ynm (not sure if this will help)
would appreciate it a lot!
there's some other instances where this sound plays and i can provide them, but they're not as clear
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The average vagina is about 2 to 3 inches deep when unaroused. When aroused, it's about 4 to 5 inches deep. Obviously most women can insert penises of a longer length all the way in because the vagina can stretch out.

Have there been any reliable studies showing how deep the average aroused vagina can get stretched? What about in terms of width?
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>What about in terms of width?
Dude, one of the first videos I ever watched on youporn showed a big, grown man with bald head liek Yul Brunner insert his whole noggin into some woman's vagina. I have never forgotten that although I wish I could
>Have there been any reliable studies showing how deep the average aroused vagina can get stretched? What about in terms of width?

Given that we don't have totally reliable and standardized studies about the average length of dicks (which is easier to measure), I wouldn't hold my breath. Most penis studies rely on self-reporting or second-hand reporting by doctors, which is obviously neither reliable nor standardized. But even if you measure independently - how would you assure full arousal *and* a representative cross-section of the population?
I assume this gets even more complicated in women, because apart from genetic differences, unreliable states of arousal and ill defined measuring (straight line? curve? volume? cone or cylinder? distance up to the cervix or as far as it goes?) you also have to deal with the fact that you can train stretching a cavity and that you can ignore discomfort and start stuffing. So the theoretical cieling on what you can fit inside a vagina (especially girth-wise) is probably really high. It would fuck you up, like those African tribes inserting disks into their lips or ears, but you could probably go pretty far (which you can see first-hand in some fetish and body-mod forums).

That's an old fake. I used to have the video. The whole crotch region is rubber.

very good points anon.

i got curious b/c im wondering if the average woman can take a 7 inch dick balls deep

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Does someone have a torrent or crack for Factory I/O?
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I'll be much obliged if anyone manages to pinpoint a source (full video or at least the song) of this. Taken from https://twitter.com/tsubasa_sil/status/651770900216283136
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Well, I'll just bump this a couple of times...
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Please make this white Richard Spencer a black Richard Spencer.
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No need to thank me, mate

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