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Can someone tell me where this screen cap is from? The video shows a woman in a green dress running up a mirrored staircase and doing some crazy dance moves.
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Thank you.

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I'm looking for the ebook version of the APA 6th edition manual. Preferably one of the later prints which include corrections since 2009. .
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Thanks for the link, but it doesn't seem to work for me. If you're able to view / download it, it would be great if you could temporarily upload it on something like mega for a few minutes.
Blocked in your country? Try this

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Hey guys. I have a big one to ask for. I want a black pegasus (as in pic) with a unicorn horn running through a hellscape (last part not necessary. Black background will suffice) Thanks in advance!
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On it
Thanks man
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Here u go

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Hi guys, can someone help me out with something?

On /sp/ there are pics with the feels guy (If I remember correctly) with a flag and the team anons support or pepes with hoodies that have the team's crest on them.

Can someone make me some of those, please? This is the logo and the teams colors are white and green.
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Or something like this.

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I can't find these on LibGen or any of my usual places, so a download link would be greatly appreciated.
"The Philosophy of Literary Form" by Kenneth Burke
"Form and Meaning in Fiction" by Norman Friedman
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I found one, can't find the other right now, but maybe I can find it before the thread dies.

Thanks! Can I ask how you found this? Teach a man to fish, and all that.

And since we're at it, I'm also looking for "The Company We Keep" by Wayne Booth.

I;m glad you asked, because I forgot to mention I found it on Soulseek. Usually I would mention that.

>I'm also looking for "The Company We Keep" by Wayne Booth.
Here: https://a.doko.moe/ptcctx.pdf

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Recommend me some sites to watch free movies and tv shows
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https://solarmoviez.to/ for live action/western stuff
https://9anime.to/ for anime
A few adds open in new tabs when you click, but beyond that this is s pretty sollid site

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Mangatraders is down, where the fuck am I supposed to download manga now?

I'm not streaming
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>streaming manga
I just said I'm not streaming you mentally challenged fuck, answer my question
Download Hakuneko

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1 Volt can be defined as 1 Joule / Coulomb.
1 Ampere can be defined as 1 Coulomb / second.
1 Ohm is the resistance if 1 Ampere is in a material when 1 Volt is applied.
How would we define 1 Ohm algebraically like we just did with 1 Volt and 1 Ampere?
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We don't: almost all the electrical units are derived from mechanical units, to avoid this circular definition.
Oh, okay--thank you.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SI_base_unit and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SI_derived_unit. Note that being a "base unit" doesn't mean it's not derived from anything, it just means it's a convenient unit to calibrate against the real world. You can derive the entire of SI after arbitrarily defining what a second, a kilogram and a Kelvin are.

For example, you can use a the speed of a photon to measure a meter. So you can now accelerate a kilogram to find out what a Newton is.
This means you can now place two conductors a meter apart in a vacuum and measure an Ampere.
You can also apply a Newton to something over a Metre, and get a Joule.
From Joules and Amps, you can get Watts, Volts and Ohms.

The definitions all work, because you can trace them all back to kilograms, seconds, and/or kelvin.

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Hello /wsr/

I tried to connect my external hdd to my asus zenpad without luck. It does not show up.

I used [picture]

I read something about OTM connector. Is that what I need? Thanks.
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Asus says zenpad doesn't support NTFS, and Western Digital says MyBook comes formatted NTFS.

You should probably get a USB NAS that supports NTFS, and connect by WiFi.

Or format it ExFAT (which will erase everything on it).

Can someone provide me with tons of images of cute anime boys, please?
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What is a ton in mbs
Post as many as you have
Have you considered >>>/cm/

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Does anyone have the psp iso for cave story? can't find that shit anywhere
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I downloaded this and thought this was a demo for some reason, thanks.

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There is a chart about how to improve your art game the quickest.
It said something like 4h a day for a year and it listed a bunch of books.
anyone have that, please?
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Is it that one? I've got some others.
Yes this right here, thank you.
It would be nice of you to share the others too, if you don't mind.
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Does anyone have any photos of people pretending to be smart because they watch Rick and Morty? Shit gets my dick hard
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>Shit gets my dick hard

What does confessing your coprophilia have to do with Rick & Morty?
both are shit
Fair 'nuff.

Is this table good for reading pdf, watching videos 1080p, browsing?

Can I install any OS I want on it? Ex: Linux, win 7?
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>install any OS I want on it?

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I'm looking for a DDL of Serial Experiments Lain.

Thanks and love!
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