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make this weirder than it is
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I found a video I wanna download, but it wont let me.
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I need an omage of a very angry man playing an accordion
>pic unrelated
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best I have on short notice
actually I found a better one

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Can someone please package the Windows version of this as a zip file with all the required dlls and upload it to mega or a torrent site?

I need to run it through Wine but the fucking Windows installer is broken. On Wine-staging already.

Need Adobe Reader because I have government forms to fill out and other open-source tools are shit at forms.
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>package the Windows version of this as a zip file with all the required dlls
If it were that simple, d'you not think they'd be doing that instead of using Windows Installer? There's not going to be One True Image To Rule Them All, which is why they're using MSI in the first place.

> the fucking Windows installer is broken
You mean your OS is broken. The Windows Installer works fine on Windows.
it is simple, one anon just needs to package all that shit into one zip file and upload it. the reason no one has done it is because winfags don't need a zip since they have the installer available.

those are all the installer versions.
No it's not simple.

MSIs are programs, and they install different things depending on the OS they're run on. Not only the OS, but the edition, the service pack level, what shared libraries are available already, what language it is, whether or not MUI packs are installed, etc. etc. etc.

If you could just bundle it up and unzip it into program files, then:

- Adobe would already be doing this
- OP could just extract the installer using 7-zip

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panty peek.webm
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Does anyone know what game is this?
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I am a maths dumb, please help.

So if a board game has a review score of 90% positive reviews based on a total amount of 66 reviews. How much would the review score increase by if somebody posted another positive review?
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If out of 66 reviews 90% are positive, there are 59.4 positive reviews (66 * .9). Adding one more to that results in 60.4/66 = 9.1515... = 91.52%.

That said, I don't think 90% out of 66 makes sense even considering truncation. 59/66 positive would give you 89%, and 60/66 91%.
adding one would make it 60.4/67 = 90.149%

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what is futanari.stream?
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Probably a website you own

A service that streams futanari?
You should go there and check out. Because no one with a sane mind is going to

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Do you guys have that greentext of the tard kid who hates it when the other kids scrape their feet on the gravel, and gets really pissed whenever someone says "you sunk my battleship"? At the end, he climbs up a tree, gets stuck and all the kids standing around below the tree start scraping their feet and saying "you sunk my battleship." Later when they ask the tard why he got pissed off, he said "they sunk my battleship." thanks so much
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Tech question - would it be possible to run a second monitor via vga through onboard graphics while still running a monitor through PCI-E hdmi connection? Most solutions I have found involve activating onboard graphics in BIOS, but doing this I am still not picking up the second monitor. I figure its a vga driver issue but I am unable to install them while the drivers for the external graphics card are installed.
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Should be possible. On-board should be active in the BIOS. Perhaps there is a second option which dictates the order. Set the PCI-E one as primary in that case. Install the driver for the on-board display first. Then you select the on-board card in your screen preferences menu.
it helps to know what windows version you have.

for windows 10, start key + P to choose if you want to extend the window to a secondary monitor
I am using an MSI Z97S SLI Krait Edition, and have enabled the integrated multi-monitor setting. There is an option to select which display as primary boot display and I have tried both PCI-E and integrated to no avail, however there is no order option like there seems to be with other mobos. As I said, I am unable to install the drivers, and am getting a "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software" error. How would I go about installing these drivers while still having GPU drivers installed?

Using windows 10, extending the window to another monitor doesn't help in recognising the second monitor.

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There is this image of this anime crying slave girl being sold to this hideous fat man with a creepy face, but it then ends with him and her sitting under a tree on a beautiful landscape, she's well dressed and he's smiling as it looks like he's taking good care of her.

Please help me out here.
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elf slave what do.jpg
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Thank you so goddamn much, anon.

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