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is anyone here with some audio knowledge able to separate the audio from the music in these clips.
i really need a clean unicorn gundam version of the newtype flash sound effect.
here's the audio clip https://clyp.it/axg2lb0c
and here's the music playing https://clyp.it/3ejj3ynm (not sure if this will help)
would appreciate it a lot!
there's some other instances where this sound plays and i can provide them, but they're not as clear
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The average vagina is about 2 to 3 inches deep when unaroused. When aroused, it's about 4 to 5 inches deep. Obviously most women can insert penises of a longer length all the way in because the vagina can stretch out.

Have there been any reliable studies showing how deep the average aroused vagina can get stretched? What about in terms of width?
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>What about in terms of width?
Dude, one of the first videos I ever watched on youporn showed a big, grown man with bald head liek Yul Brunner insert his whole noggin into some woman's vagina. I have never forgotten that although I wish I could
>Have there been any reliable studies showing how deep the average aroused vagina can get stretched? What about in terms of width?

Given that we don't have totally reliable and standardized studies about the average length of dicks (which is easier to measure), I wouldn't hold my breath. Most penis studies rely on self-reporting or second-hand reporting by doctors, which is obviously neither reliable nor standardized. But even if you measure independently - how would you assure full arousal *and* a representative cross-section of the population?
I assume this gets even more complicated in women, because apart from genetic differences, unreliable states of arousal and ill defined measuring (straight line? curve? volume? cone or cylinder? distance up to the cervix or as far as it goes?) you also have to deal with the fact that you can train stretching a cavity and that you can ignore discomfort and start stuffing. So the theoretical cieling on what you can fit inside a vagina (especially girth-wise) is probably really high. It would fuck you up, like those African tribes inserting disks into their lips or ears, but you could probably go pretty far (which you can see first-hand in some fetish and body-mod forums).

That's an old fake. I used to have the video. The whole crotch region is rubber.

very good points anon.

i got curious b/c im wondering if the average woman can take a 7 inch dick balls deep

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Does someone have a torrent or crack for Factory I/O?
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I'll be much obliged if anyone manages to pinpoint a source (full video or at least the song) of this. Taken from https://twitter.com/tsubasa_sil/status/651770900216283136
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Well, I'll just bump this a couple of times...
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Please make this white Richard Spencer a black Richard Spencer.
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No need to thank me, mate

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Can anybody UL all (or how much you can afford) the albums/singles by PEOPLE IN THE BOX in lossless cd format on mega, tpb or jpopsuki? TIA
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not lossless but there's some stuff here


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(Read Everything Before Commenting)

Can anyone help me find ANY anime that's EITHER a SHOUNEN anime or just any kind of FIGHTING-oriented anime in general, where they have any OPENLY GAY MALE character (does not need to be a main character, and does not need to have a romance) in it who is NOT a Japanese stereotype of what a gay man looks or acts like?

What a Japanese stereotype of a gay man is like?
In shounen and fighting-oriented anime, they are typically depicted with strongly masculine physical features, and as unattractive, and as creepy perverts trying to hit on any straight guy they see (and always with the straight guys being disgusted by them), and acting flamboyant, and usually are seen wearing awkward make-up (I don't mind them wearing make-up, but they usually look like clowns or creepy drag queens).

Or in short, they are depicted to appear to be as little of how a typical shounen (or fighting-oriented) anime protagonist OR deuteragonist is like as humanly possible.

I am NOT looking for yaoi, and I am NOT looking for shounen-ai, and I am NOT looking for mangas, and I am NOT looking for lesbian stuff, and I am NOT looking for transgender stuff. And please do not bother commenting if you're not comfortable with male gay stuff - this post is not for you.

(Read Everything Before Commenting)
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Bulat from Akame ga Kill
Bulat is really masculine in physical traits, clothes, and hair. Far more so than the male character he trains and keeps hitting on. Sorry, doesn't count.
There's Sensui and Itsuki from Yu Yu Hakusho.

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What is the best cake recipe available? I'm making a cake to celebrate my friend getting married so I don't care 'bout it being healthy. I cook a lot but I've only ever baked bread before and that was easy. I really wanna impress so I wasn't sure whether I should just google a generic one or ask here. I remember a friend baked an Oreo cake using the Oreo filling used to separate the layers of cake and as icing, that was amazing but I don't know where to find it and it was probably too hard to make.
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It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake. If the way is hazy, you gotta do the cooking by the book; you know you can’t be lazy
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Get outta my thread.
cake is good

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There are two things from my childhood that I'm having trouble trying remember what they were. One is a book and the other is an anime. Since they're from so long ago, I only remember very small bits of them and it's been bugging me. Hopefully my clues will be enough.

The first thing is a novel. The only things that I remember was that it oldish (like it could've been from the time of The Outsider and Ender's Game) and the cover. The cover looks similar to pic related. The differences between the two is the cover had was a void of space that was black rather than blueish, no asteroid, the whole ship was visible, and there an explosion coming out of it where the red circle is. Or it could've been a star the ship was passing by. Though I'm pretty sure it was an explosion.

The other thing was a sci-fi anime from the early 2000s. The only thing I remember was about 4 seconds of a scene. Basically, there was a jet-like vehicle the had two cockpits. One on the front with a guy in it and the other one was on top of the center of the vehicle with a girl. The scene was that they were coming out of a tunnel and the guy being blinded by sunlight. I think he said something along the line of, "I'm colorblind." I vaguely remember another vehicle next to them and I think they were racing. Not sure.

Sorry if these clues aren't clear enough. Thanks in advance.
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I'm 80% sure that the anime you are talking about is Oban Star Racers. The girl piloted the vehicle and the guy operated the weapons in front of it. 10/10 anime.

I don't have a clue about the novel tho, but i will try to find it.
Funnily enough, I was considering watching this soon actually. Thanks.
Do you remember anything about the plot of the novel at all?

does anyone have a .cbz or .cbr of Death Note (All-in-One Edition)? I'd just go with the collected issues online but the new omnibus has a prologue that's never been printed in english before. Thanks!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Anyone have an idea where i can buy or just download aoe 1?
Cant seem to find it anywhere
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You also might need also need download the latest patch from

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Please help. Who know where can I download eng subs to k-on? (to both seasons if possible) or torrent with episodes with eng subs
Sorry for shitty spelling
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I would say Bakabt.me,but registration is limited now and I don't know how they work now since I already had an account before that happened. Use it if you can.
Nyaa.si is your friend.Any anime or manga that isn't super obscure is on there.Use the category search function and sort by seeders and you'll find what you're looking for 99% of the time.
If you just want the subs then find a good batch on animetosho and "download attachments" to get all the subtitle and font files.

For torrents try
Nyaa Pantsu

Anyone have any wallpapers similar to this?

I don't mind photoshopping the saturations/colors to do something similar.

I got it from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV1G5NqEzB8&t=0h2m0s

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Thanks man, I wish it had more fog, but I like it for now.

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Could somebody identify the species of this spider outside my window, please? Thanks in advance!
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A "black and yellow garden spider"

Hi. I never played dating sim but I fell urge to do so. My current experiance with japanese games is so-so. I played all the Neptunia games and loved them. Could anyone of you revomend me something as cheerfull and funny as nep-games ? Thanx a lot
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try Majikoi
the jokes and stuff are a little different than nepnep, but it has just as cheerful/funny a tone

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