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does anyone have a "normies get out" in the bayeux tapestry format?
it goes "ordinaries begone" or something
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Literally wrote "ordinaries begone" in google images.
well fuck me why didn't I do that

I want to get my Windows 10, atleast my taskbar, looking exactly like Windows 95/98's taskbar, and if able, have everything look like Windows 95/98, aside from my browsers and software.

Because muh a e s t h e t i c s

Problem is I can't find out how to do this anywhere, I've been looking for about 20 minutes and I give up, maybe I'm just bad at searching, but can any anons tell me how to do this? Thanks
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Star - idkkk 1.png
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It's impossible
Sorry fren
install a linux distro and theme it

How can I look like this? Can you give me any routine?
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Don't OP.
You won't get that without steroids which destroy your health and more importantly penis size.

Also, girls find it unattractive, so what's the point of being that buffed? It is literally a disability
he is 100% on gear, no routine will let you get like that. Also, go to /fit/ and read the damn sticky
try /fit

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Songs/albums that have a radio announcer. Similar to this:
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Saw this as an icon, anyone know the full picture? It looks like Elizabeth from Fate to me.
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Hello! I desperately need help :/ I've been searching for the takayuki hattori space brothers ost and cant seem to find it anywhere. Please help!
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OK so I bought a new SD card for my phone the other day and I moved my data on my phone from my old SD card to internal storage to my new SD card. And after I did that I didn't bother checking the files and formatted my old SD card and when I went to look at my gallery all images from some of the folders were al black and displaying the message "no thumbnail". I went to the file explorer to check but they weren't visible at all not even the folders themselves were present.
So is there a way I can recover these photos?
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Take the card out ASAP, put it into a computer and use Recuva. Though you formatted so it's very unlikely to get anything back. You used to be able to plug the phone into the computer and directly scan storage that way, but with newer Android versions you can't do that.

Some data recovery specialists will only charge if they successfully recover data, so if it's really important that could be an option.
Shameless selfbump
Look first try with recuva on BOTH the microSD card and the phone.
If none of those work try with easy recovery on raw data recovery mode
htt ps://m ega. n z/#!9awzyTxa!vigUiB8bJ3qEpeCjVgXltl0mEEfDR-DuxDPMnFfmHXA

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What audio place is this in the image?

I know it's Linux based.
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audio player*

looks like ncmpcpp/mpd
I think you're write. Gonna take some time to customize it.

Thanks much.

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So, I don't really have any skill at photoshop whatsoever, so I don't even know if this is POSSIBLE, but could someone try photoshopping these pictures together to make one character design? Elaboration in the next pic.
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Okay, so, I was trying to pick a color scheme for this character, and my friend suggest the colors of the first pic with the skin tone of this one.

Would it be at all possible to take the darker skin tones of this pic, and put them on the first one?
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easy peasy
File: colorbetter.png (881KB, 1016x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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diggin it more like this though

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hey /wsr/, i'm about to get oddly specific but looking for a song, bit of screaming/metal etc in it and then chorus (sung) is like..

(something about being ok/not)
(something about being near/away from you)
"read between the lines"....

i think it is only a fairly new song but it's driving me nuts. cheers!
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This was an old video done a while ago. I believe the artist who is making them is a French girl . The flash features a drug maker who falls into the sky The entire film is backwards . The memorable scene is the police officer in him spinning around as he throws drugs into her eyes and she starts trip . Any help would be nice I tired swfchan but with nothing really to go on I'm sort of lost.
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the name of the creator is Vinnie Veritas and he's mexican

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that's one of taconon's sauceless teases. annoyingly, he takes songs he has no source for, puts them in webms, and posts them hoping someone will recognize the song. that particular one has never been sourced yet.
OH! thanks anyway

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Could I get a sause for this character or at least more pictures of her?
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>sause for this character
"Mustard Seeds". Use the iqdb search next time:

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Can someone find a working Wii ISO for this game that works with dolphin.
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Trying to get this poster as a tattoo, but i need the the logo for the black keys (including the B & K) removed and the guitar chords in the back removed as well. Thx plox
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I know this isn't what you wanted, but i couldn''t be assed to reprodure the damask pattern. Maybe it will help.
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