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As a Jew I am quite upset about our under appreciation in videogames. I have however realized that the greatest video game character ever is infact Jewish. Gordon Freeman.

1.) Many surnames traditionally associated with Judaism end in -stein, -berg, or -man.
2.)He is ruggedly handsome, and incredibly brilliant (he was a theoretical physicist at Black Mesa, after all)
3.) He single-handedly defeated the Combine forces using the teachings of the Torah a crowbar (sorry, I got a little carried away).

Unfortunately, after looking at the Wikipedia entry for Freeman I learned that he probably isn't Jewish (the name Freeman literally means "free man"). Although this saddened my it also got me thinking, what if Gordon Freeman was Jewish?

To start constructing this picture, I think that the first thing he would need is an obviously Jewish surname like Freestein or Freeberg, or Steinstein. I think Gordon Steinstein has a nice ring to it. Also, replacing the lambda symbol on the HEV suit with a Star of David (pic related) shows the citizens of City 17 that Steinstein doesn't mess around. Other than these two changes I guess he would be the same as Gordon Freeman

I think that it would be great if game developers (like Valve) had powerful Jews as the protagonists of there games. Also, Valve, if you are looking to do a spin-off of the Half-Life series with a Jewish protagonist feel free to use the name Steinstein (you know you want to).
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gas yourself kike desu senpai
>1.) Many surnames traditionally associated with Judaism end in -stein, -berg, or -man.

The fucking jews sank the titanic

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Neil Druckmann from naught dog is Israeli. Joel is a jew
Wolfenstein guy is also a jew
The CEOs of Marvel are 6day war veterans
Contain your social Marxists you mother fuckers

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Bonus Round
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Ya se acabo negrito
Mejor dejarlo morir antes que se vuelva puro shitposting
de donde son?
que videojuego es el mejor?

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Tell us about yourselves
>prefered alignment
>favourite entry
>favourite demon
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>reserved until I play more games
>the harlot
>preferred alignment
Neutral since Atlus is incapable of painting Chaos or Law in subtle strokes.
>favorite entry
Nocturne. Would probably be Devil Survivor if the exploration and general gameplay (outside of battle) was more like Nocturne. I give it props for actually showing some moderation between the usual 3-Alignment System. Actually, I think it's kind of a tie between Nocturne and DDS for different and comparable reasons.
>favorite demon

Say something nice about gamers from the flag above. Since I have nobody above me I will start with the obvious most common poster, burger.

Are usually not butthurt about bantz in game
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no ^^
Often have the best ping servers in EU

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>a huge downtick in blatant shill threads since flags were implemented

So you shills afraid of being found out where you're from?
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shills can't find secret boards

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crash conche.jpg
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que wea los weones y la wea
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Are there any games that take place in Madagascar
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that virus game

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Now that the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?
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He was right you know, an A press is an A press.
ur mum
A-press guy was right, but Henry wasn't wrong, just ignorant of the autistic truth.

I'll start
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the best
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one of my favorites

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>Vidya has dubs
>The original language of the vidya is English or Japanese
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>same voice """actors""" in every game
>they don't even try to sound different or fit the character

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Is it still April 1st anywhere in the world?
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En tiedä.png
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I don't know
Everyday is a joke
apparently it is in Japan

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>sewer stage
>indian music plays
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What games are there set in poo land?
T bh, I really want strategy or RPG based on Mahabharata lore.
Asura's wrath?
Or M&B mod?

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I have clocked over 500 hours but haven't played in ages

Any major update fuckery happening in the last 2 years or so ?
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>TF2 is still good, the problem is us getting older.
I remember why I stopped playing now

damn Ivan, why did you have to bring such feels
I fucking loved playing TF2 back then after a big day of college.
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>ywn experience that magical feeling of being 14 and playing ctf_turbine every day after school again
I could play some turbine now, but it's really not the same feeling anymore. I miss those days, but I'll never get them back.



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>Shipping soon
What the fuck amazon

I hereby declare that /vint/ shall be the international (i.e Japanese) video game board going forward. All who agree say aye.
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Hell of a year for the nips, almost makes me feel bad about that Hiroshima business
"""""""""""video game""""""""""""
The nukes gave the nips the autism. Without it, they wouldn't be making games.
It was a necessary evil.

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