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Is it still April 1st anywhere in the world?
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I don't know
Everyday is a joke
apparently it is in Japan

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>sewer stage
>indian music plays
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What games are there set in poo land?
T bh, I really want strategy or RPG based on Mahabharata lore.
Asura's wrath?
Or M&B mod?

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I have clocked over 500 hours but haven't played in ages

Any major update fuckery happening in the last 2 years or so ?
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>TF2 is still good, the problem is us getting older.
I remember why I stopped playing now

damn Ivan, why did you have to bring such feels
I fucking loved playing TF2 back then after a big day of college.
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>ywn experience that magical feeling of being 14 and playing ctf_turbine every day after school again
I could play some turbine now, but it's really not the same feeling anymore. I miss those days, but I'll never get them back.



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>Shipping soon
What the fuck amazon

I hereby declare that /vint/ shall be the international (i.e Japanese) video game board going forward. All who agree say aye.
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Hell of a year for the nips, almost makes me feel bad about that Hiroshima business
"""""""""""video game""""""""""""
The nukes gave the nips the autism. Without it, they wouldn't be making games.
It was a necessary evil.

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>No Neptunia thread
the fuck is wrong with you faggots?
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I'd rather ship NowaK-sha
Nep Nep

i just completed max payne 1 and holy shit what a fucking game that was, it made me thirsty for more games of that era so what are some good old 00s games i can play

also is STALKER good?
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play the second game now

and stalker games get better with each game
>is STALKER good?
>what are some good old 00s games i can play
There are too many to post them all.Be a little more specific.

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It's time to play a classic game of capture the flag, /vint/!
>First country to get dubs takes the flag
>Other countries try to steal it back by rolling dubs
>If the country that currently has the flag rolls dubs again, they capture it and get a point (next dubs takes the new flag)
>Trips and above are an automatic steal and capture
>Country with the most points wins
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rate eachother
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I only have Yakuza 0, Bloodborne and Gravity Rush Remaster. And only Yakuza 0 is the physical one.
not bad. whats that game from capcom in all moonrunes?
I don't know why I still have my PS4, haven't touched the thing in a long time, I only have destiny and some other shit
Only play on PC now

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My friend and I have solved the lore of Dark Souls.
Ask us anything.
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>dark souls
>too lazy to connect the dots
>claims there is no lore

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