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What was the video game that defined your childhood, /vint/? Share what sparked your love for the vidya.
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Probably Super Mario Sunshine
spurro the draggin and pokeyman
First memory of vidya I have is sitting in my father's legs while making me play Turok. Needless to say I was scared as fuck

The relevant game was some years later with pokemon sapphire.

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This feels like the perfect place to make this topic.

Would Big Boss's Outer Heaven work irl?
Just a group of soldiers who don't fight for any country and go wherever the conflict leads them to?
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PMCs exist
mercenaries exists ya know
Mercenary are not exactly as free as Big Boss' MSF. Some say they don't really fight, only serve as garrisons. They are pretty much an expensive security guard.

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How do we fix her?
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Good dicking.
Apart from her shitty voice, there's nothing to fix.
Good Tracer players dominate if not focused down.
A good GAEL dicking.

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So, /vint/?

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VS is mustardrace
NC of course

Too bad the game is pretty much dead now
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VS too

TR are tryhards and NC eat glue in gold and blue
It is? I thought there are still fights there

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Planning a trip to Cambodia.

What are power plugs and crime like down there? I'm thinking of bringing my switch.

The switch isn't region locked right? So if I buy a game in SEA I can play it?
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I can't recommend buying games in other countries as they aren't much cheaper as where you live, most games have a consistent price
In terms of crime Cambodia should be pretty alright, the only thing you might want to watch out for are mines laying about
I mean, I need it for the plane to keep me occupied.

That's more why I would bring it.
how many 12 year olds do you plan on fucking?

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While we still have time post /vint/age games that can't be talked about in /vr/ yet

pic related deserved a proper sequel
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Sucks that there was never another game like it
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This deserves a sequel too, it got fucked over by Blizzard.

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Have you punched Godzilla in the face today?
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I wish they'd just give us a release date for 5 already.

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What country do you hate the most when it comes to online gaming?
I fucking hate Peru and Brazil. You faggots always come on the US servers and can never speak english
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The USA.
>dude weed lmao
i don't really hate them but i get relatively annoyed by anyone from japan

especially in street fighter. most other people i have personal vendettas or something against
Brazil is hands-down the worst. There is no contest.

Are you? REAL gamer?
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i just like playing video games
no, I am ironic gamer
I play games you never even heard about, you casual trash
uh, technically nuh

>One hit from a spring-loaded chain with a hook that generally deals very little damage or stuns an enemy

What the fuck were they thinking?
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I miss when Moblins were there own thing and not just fatter Bokoblins.

They literally predate them.

But Breath of the Wild Moblins are tall, lanky, buff creatures with long snouts, very different from the Bokoblins.

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Name a better gaming year than 1997.
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2001 was better.

>Rome Total War
>World of Warcraft
>Half Life 2
>Vampire: The Masquerade
>Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
>Dawn of War
>Lord of the Rings: BFME
>The Sims 2

Christ, how could so much talent fit into one year?

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How do I learn Japanese, /vint/?
I wanna learn Japanese to play vidya and VNs. How would I begin? How long would it take?
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Look for resources on >>>/vint/djt or /a/rchives
>How long
Depends a lot on your time and dedication, if we are optimistic you might be able to read simple VNs (i.e. Hanasaki Work Spring) in less than a year
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This will help you in no time!
That definitely won't help you.

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Everyone left.

Post whatever you want now.
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Pick one

*breathes in*

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I'm 25 what is this
Hey rank 53....shut the fuck up.
Rank of nations by GDP

We only have 4.7-4.8 million people so we don't count

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If you are still posting here and interested in keeping /vint/ then lets try convince Hiroshima of keeping this board.

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>wanting /v/ to be even more /pol/ than it already is

no thanks
I've never felt as much at home as here.
are you retarded?
this is as little /pol/ as I've seen /v/ be in a while. its very chill and people actually discuss things
it feels like home again

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