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Hvor er Island, hvor er Svalbard REEEEEEEEEE
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OP-bilden är gammal men det är klart att alla nordiska länder ska vara med.

All right, time to see what country has the shittiest taste in games. Post a 3x3 of your nine favorite games ever, then talk shit about everyone else's 3x3.

Template: https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php
(And no, there's no way to stop it from cutting off the edges.)
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Preddy gud ameribro.
You both have a good taste.
Fuck videogames and fuck you manchildren.
Where is /int/?

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So how many rare flags did you catch /vint/?
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Why even put Western Sahara on your map when it's literally impossible to get?
gotta catch em' all

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Which country has made the best survival horror vidya?
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obviously japan
slavs are a good second place since they've grown up in a survival horror setting

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I yield!
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there will never again exist a more perfect line up of games for 1 system ever again
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We will never have a Crash and Spyro game

expect for that shitty GameBoy one
Those were the best games I played when I still was in the right age range to play videogames
sorry, I lied, there will be another perfect line up of games for 1 system

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>/vint/ is still up
So what happens next?
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We shitpost about how Brazil makes every online experience worse for as long as we can
Don't forget about the brazilians of Europe; the russians.
We have fun and talk about things. What's your favorite video game, anon?

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you wake up in south Brazil

what do?
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your mom
shave my head, pop some pain pills, slow down time and start some gunfights in favelas
no u

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I actually like this board, make it real.
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At least it got rid of the cancerous console war threads on /v/.
Keep it hidden
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Yes, we need this board to continue so people will realize that all the shitposters on /v/ are actually just poor Brazilfags.

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Hello? Is anyone still playing international video games?
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Japanese games a best
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I don't play video games
Superjehmp is a superb game

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Why are there so many Latin Americans, T*rks and Indians in voobly?
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AoE was really popular here.
Everyone that had a PC played it.
The fuck is a voobly?
A program to play Age of Empires online, if you don't want the HD version on Steam

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How does /vint/ feel about the existence of borders between countries?
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It's a good thing and we should fortify all of them.
Says the man who comes from a country who's famous wall failed.
Good fences make good neighbors
I mean, look at me, I live in a country that is forcing me to pay for a wall.

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what WUZ you, /vint/?
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I wuz viKANGZ
My great grandfather was 1/2048th Irish

Paddy blood flows through my veins

still am

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Why are there no slavs on /vint/?
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Didnt Russia get banned?
Don't think so, I saw some Russian posters in some thread, but those are the only slavs I've seen on this board.
Seen some Bulgarians, a Serb, a Fyromite, a Ukrainian and a few Poles.

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So... this board is a secret now?
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yesu desu
I like knowing where all my anon friends are from! I hope we can all be good friends!
Wil it b delet?

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