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So now that Legion is in complete fucking ruins, how long until the next expansion?
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Well /vint/?
I feel like wow is beyond saving at this point

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almanc─▒ thread
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goat fuckers
yes europeans are goat fuckers
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not at all
you are subhuman roaches and you worship pedophile, moon, and bunch of space rock

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What's the vidya equivalent of "empire of dust"?
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Why the fuck do Europoors think they have any right to shit on America?

>Use their Internet
>Post on their Anime Imageboard
>Listen to their Music
>Watch their TV and get hype over their Movies
>Read their authors
>Shoot their guns
Oh wait, I forgot the 4th Reich doesn't trust its citizens with guns as you might hurt the poor immigrants :^(

Euros couldn't go 20 years without a War between themselves until America came in and put some order into this continent.
Who saved you from the Nazis and prevented Soviets from taking any more land? United States of America.
And how do you repay them? By becoming socialist dick loving, Freedom hating shitholes. Talk about being ungrateful pricks.
>b-but muh pledge of allegiance
Of course Euros would be disgusted by having to pledge loyalty to their Country, they'd rather recite the Quran.

The last 70 years America has had to carry that weight on their shoulders for the whole of Western World to make it what is today so you don't have to post from a half bombed out raidshelter. And by post I mean actually have to send letters to your Argentinian penfriend to ask him for some money because it is pretty hard to drag in cables when your village is getting constantly raided by Soviet Artillery.
America beat Germany, Japan and Italy. After the war, they rebuilt 2 of them to be top of the world and the third one to be a leading nation in Fashion.
Europe beat Germany in War and plunged it into a spiral of autistic butthurt that lead to the WW2 in the first place.
Good fucking job there.

Everything today Europe has is thanks to America, but you have it up too far in your ass to see that. All you have left are your past glories, and only because of America looking after you can you appreciate that.

God Bless the United States

Pic. related, only thing keeping euroqueers from getting their ass ravaged by Putin, but I guess you would like that, wouldn't you?
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t. potato
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pretty cuck for non american to suck up to US

>Use their Internet
its not theirs anymore, everyone has right to this
>Post on their Anime Imageboard
anime and imageboards both were japanese inventions and moot sold this shit to hiro
>Listen to their Music
i havent bought single amerifag EP this year
>Watch their TV and get hype over their Movies
hollywood is boring and outside of GoT season 7 theres nothing even remotely interesting coming out
>Read their authors
bullshit again, nobody bothers with fake news outside third world
>Shoot their guns
i dont need a gun coz my zone isnt US level shitzone where you go outside and get shot

US is declining meme, China┬┤s where the future is. Also India will dominate US on all things internet with cheaper, faster, more efficient IT industry.

Its fault of US that Al Qaida and ISIS happened and the dead people in Paris or Brussels wont complain. Boycott america, dont give them any money or attention. Beat up the tourists as well, throw stones at them

Is this Board now hidden?
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You need the link to find it. SEKRIT KLUB

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What was the video game that defined your childhood, /vint/? Share what sparked your love for the vidya.
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Probably Super Mario Sunshine
spurro the draggin and pokeyman
First memory of vidya I have is sitting in my father's legs while making me play Turok. Needless to say I was scared as fuck

The relevant game was some years later with pokemon sapphire.

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This feels like the perfect place to make this topic.

Would Big Boss's Outer Heaven work irl?
Just a group of soldiers who don't fight for any country and go wherever the conflict leads them to?
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PMCs exist
mercenaries exists ya know
Mercenary are not exactly as free as Big Boss' MSF. Some say they don't really fight, only serve as garrisons. They are pretty much an expensive security guard.

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How do we fix her?
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Good dicking.
Apart from her shitty voice, there's nothing to fix.
Good Tracer players dominate if not focused down.
A good GAEL dicking.

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So, /vint/?

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VS is mustardrace
NC of course

Too bad the game is pretty much dead now
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VS too

TR are tryhards and NC eat glue in gold and blue
It is? I thought there are still fights there

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Planning a trip to Cambodia.

What are power plugs and crime like down there? I'm thinking of bringing my switch.

The switch isn't region locked right? So if I buy a game in SEA I can play it?
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I can't recommend buying games in other countries as they aren't much cheaper as where you live, most games have a consistent price
In terms of crime Cambodia should be pretty alright, the only thing you might want to watch out for are mines laying about
I mean, I need it for the plane to keep me occupied.

That's more why I would bring it.
how many 12 year olds do you plan on fucking?

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