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Alright /vint/ lets play some panpingo.
Password: rage
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>Room does not exist
>People just join and leave
You know if you just stay more people will come in

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This is a Polish game designer. Say something nice about him.
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Can you still even post here?
your video game is taking long to come out

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This board moves too quickly, I don't like it
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If they keep these and i hope they will
It will start to slow down after people go back to their boards.


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Are you talking about /v/ or /int/?.

/Vint/ - Trackswap
Lets see every ones taste
When swapping music make sure to put where you are from
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>best science
>best literature
>best music
>best art
>best philosophy
>best military
>best women
literally master race
What games do German playing?
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>best at loosing wars and holocaust
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>Rational liberal revolutionaries offer any crown to step up and unify Germany
>Austrian family declines respectfully since plans to stay with Hungarian bros
>Revolutionaries offer it to the Prussian crown
>*autistic screeching*

Why did the Prussians have to ruin history?

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Piracy is on it's death, Moral fags always win in the end have fun playing nier:A in a year and a half when the game is $10 on steam anyway
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>pirates will NEVER EVER get nier automata
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Suicide Jack.png
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Genocide on poorfags when?

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petition to keep /vint/ as an official 4chan board
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if I can't have a sticky of 2B getting a fat black dick up her ass in webm form, this is the next best option

that's code for i wish /v/ weren't worksafe, but this is cool
>wanting generals taking up half the board
Just keep the flags so you can filter out the leaf redditor and tumblr
*passes sheet to next person without signing*

Smell ya later, /v/irgins
We're already back up at

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>Live anywhere outside USA
>You get to watch/play/eat everything they have to offer plus what your country produces
>Be American
>Left out of almost everything outside USA
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You say that as though Australia and most if the EU doesn't have huge censoring restrictions or tariffs.
But then again, all you have to do is cross the border to get real American goods.
Oh wait.
it's the other way around, americans get everything from all over the world, we only get local stuff plus american things

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How much does your country mess with the box art?
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only example I can think of specific to this country
It happens to foreign movie's ad in japan
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It's mostly the same as in the other regions but there are some gems.

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>Shaniqua steps out of the time machine
>"Wait, what'choo mean all my people iz dead in dis century? What'choo mean you brought me here to put me in a muh-fukkin' zoo?? Iz you a cop? I want mah phonecall now!"

How do you respond?
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>when a femininepenisposter tries to be funny and absolutely fails in the attempt
Why would you bring back a member of a highly invasive species?

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What do you think he sees?

>Nothing but leaf and aussie shitposting
Really got my neurons moving
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this is now Darkest Dungeon thread
Irrelevant countries shouldn't post
>Nothing but leaf, burgers and aussie shitposting

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I love videogames, but I can't think of a single one I'd want ti play right now
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i'd be playing doom if my pc didn't melt every time I booted it up
modding bethesda games are hard
You're on your way out of the addiction.

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Your appointment with FEMA should be finalized within the week. I've already discussed the matter with the Senator.
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I take it he was agreeable?
What would you consider to be the most useful skills in deus ex?

he didn't really have a choice

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